Monday, May 28, 2007

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We're back! It was a short trip but lots of fun. My dad is doing all right (thanks for all the well wishes, ladies!). He seemed okay and wasn't really complaining of anything--but that incision. Yowch! He's got a 3 inch long cut down his neck (where they had to do surgery).
My lil niece is quite the sleeper. She slept in until at least 10 Friday morning (when I had been up since about 8!).
Here she is, upon waking up. lol. I gifted her with her very own raz-berry teether. :) Yay! She finally figured out what to do with the teether!And here she is trying to climb me. ;)Well, my little niece got to come with my fiance and I on our yarn crawl!!!!!!! My brother was gonna go to the movies to go see Pirates-I didn't want to see Pirates and I already had other plans. There was talk of them two going to Pirates and my fiance and I bringing my niece to see Shrek 3 with us. Um, no. SO, we go to bring her on the yarn crawl!!
Here I am trying to get a pic of my niece and I in the backseat of the car because I wanted to remember her first yarn crawl.We first had to have lunch which took like over two hours just to get her fed and my fiance and I fed! Here she is--wearing the nine-patch bib I made for her and I think at this point, she was taking an eating break so I could eat! Apparently, apples aren't her favorite. She made this face everytime I gave her a spoon of apples so I had to get a pic of this face!! And here she is, already pooped! Well, she woke up. lol. Little stinker! But she didn't get too cranky in the car, believe it or not. Thank goodness for sirius satellite radio because we just listened to the Kids Stuff/Radio Disney station the whole car ride and she loved it! It was funny watching her reactions to the music!
Here she is at our first stop, The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz. Here she is, feeling the yarn. lol. It was so cute watching her lil fingers open up to touch the yarn. It seemed as though she wasn't sure if she could or not because she would open her fingers up so slowly! We didn't buy anything there--and it took us forever just to get there. The store was okay. I wasn't all that impressed. They were nice but nothing really caught my eye.
Asleep again. Our next stop was The Yarn Place in Capitola, CA. Since we had gotten off to a late start, I was willing to forego one of the three shops I wanted to go to. I was actually going to knock off this one. I'm so glad I didn't. We had to call my sister to have her find out the hours for this shop and Monarch Knitting. Monarch was a shorter drive from my house so I was glad to hear that it was open on Saturday. Plus, it was going to close at 5:30 and there was no way we were gonna make it there before closing.
My niece was asleep for most of the time I spent at The Yarn Place so my fiance stayed in the car with her. The shop was really cute. The owner had her own newborn baby and a changing room in the back (I was soooo tempted to ask if I could use it to change my niece!!). I felt like I needed to make a purchase here since we had schlepped so far (with a baby in tow) to get there! My fiance came to the door and I told him I needed him to come in to help me pick out some yarn and that they had some hempathy there. He was all over seeing the hempathy! My niece eventually woke up in the shop because there was this little Asian woman talking in such a LOUD tone!! Poor baby. She was fine though..I took her out of her carrier and we explored the shop together (and that's when I learned she needed to be changed! Hence the desire to use the changing table!). Here's what we bought:The Noro is for a fake isle hat for my fiance. The tofutsies is his too for a pair of socks. He picked out the hempathy too (that was the only one of that shade!) and the lang jawoll I picked out for myself. :) That was the end of our yarn crawl.
The next morning, my fiance and I went to Monarch Knitting and Quilts on our own and we absolutely loved that shop. It was big and there was soooooooooo much to choose from! Here's what we got:
Pretty much everything was picked out by my fiance except for the rowan denim. I've never seen that in any of the shops I've been to here in LA so I had to grab a few skeins. My fiance was quite impressed with their selection. He asked for a market bag so I'm going to use the hempathy for one for him. He also couldn't let go of the Euroflax! Lol. It was cute. We picked up some buttons as well.He picked out the paddington and the polar bear ones and I picked out the fish bowl. :)
I finished the hat I had started for her but obviously her head is too big for it! Oh well. Her onesie is hilarious though--it says 'future valedictorian'.
And here's one of the last shots of her from yesterday morning--reaching for a banana!
Well, we decided to take highway 1 home so here are some pics from some of the stops we made. It was a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper long drive but the view and the sights, absolutely gorgeous.
Our first stop--in the Carmel Highlands I believe.
Check out the waves!
Look at the pretty water!
This is in Morro Bay--a big rock. :)
We stopped in Cambria for lunch--cute lil town and they had a needlepoint shop (that had yarn!) but it was closed on Sundays. Oh well.
During the drive, I had casted on for wicked but somehow it was twisted and I didn't own up to its twistedness until I had already finished the collar. Sigh..I think I'm going to put it aside and maybe cast on for the market bag or a burp cloth! Thermal isn't finished. I didn't even touch her! Maybe this week should I be able to start and complete both sleeves! I owe many emails and am soooooooo behind on blogs so bear with me! Hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday weekend!
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  1. Aww! What a little cutie she is!

    Polar bear buttons, I'm jealous, I love polar bears! Nice haul :D

  2. These are awesome pics! She is so adorable. I love the apple face. lol And beautiful yarn you picked up, I can tell you had a great day!

  3. Awww! The pics of your niece are sooooooo adorable! Glad to hear your dad's doing ok. What a nice trip!

  4. So glad you had a fun weekend! You really got around! Lots of nice yarn. That's funny that your fiance likes to help pick it out! I loved the Hwy 1 pics--made me homesick, though :(

  5. BTW, what are you going to do with the Euroflax?

  6. i'm glad to hear that you had a great trip and that your dad is doing better! your niece is so adorable, too! : )

  7. The yarn looks delicious.

    Glad you had a good time.

    Looks like your niece finally got her razberry teether!

  8. What sweet pictures! Fun time. Glad your dad is doing better!

  9. Looks like a fun trip! Love all the pics.

  10. Your niece is so her bib you made :)

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    Thank you!


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