Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sick day

I called in sick today. I woke up feeling like I'd just get worse if I went in so I called out. I slept in and I think that did me a lot of good. My email is acting funny though so if I owe you an email, I don't know when I'll be able to get back to you. What's weird is I was able to email back some people but not others! :( I filled out a help form with gmail so we'll see. It just might be that one particular person I can't email. Weird, now I can't even read my emails!!! So currently, I hate gmail. lol.
Today is the last day for the contest in my sp10 group. I've been waiting all this time to post because I was hoping someone would be home (while I was actually knitting!) to get a pic of me knitting where I knit but alas, no one was home!!!!!! And when they were home, either the lighting was bad or I was already asleep. So you're just going to have to see
where I knit.My knitting couch looks much neater in this pic than it does currently!! It's a bit of a mess right now and it's a wonder that there's even room for me to sit on it still. I started a couple of projects over the weekend and they've taken over the knitting portion of my couch. Usually, I have the tv on while I'm knitting on my couch. And I'm either actually watching what's on or I'm just listening to it. A lot of the times, I'll have the tv on MTV Tr3s and I'll listen/watch music videos. I like watching Indie 101. :) I can not knit when shows like Grey's Anatomy or Gilmore Girls is on because I know I'll miss something on the shows!
Now remember these? I've finally finished them--pretty much all by myself and I have to tell you that these cookies had the absolute best fortunes so I'm going to try to share one each day. :) Here's today's fortune:


  1. I hope you're feeling better. Working with kids, you get all of their germs!

    Cute fortune, and the cookies
    look(ed) yummy!

  2. Hope you are better! I'm jealous, my hostess hasn't (and doesn't look like she will) done any contests. They always look so fun and liek they bring the SP groups more together. and makes SP more interactive, if that makes sense. Oh well.


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