Wednesday, May 9, 2007

where's the knitting gone??

Out the window for right now. I can't sit and knit when it's at least 80 degrees indoors and about 90 outdoors. Ugh..I did knit a bit on my traveling vines scarf. I'm ready for it to be done. I think it's a bit more than 60 inches in length and I haven't decided yet if that's going to be long enough for me. I received my contest yarn from Robyn on Monday. Yesterday, I was at least in the mood to wind yarn so maybe that is what I'm going to do to get that knitting mojo up again. :)
I did my final interview last Friday at the school in the Palisades. I was there for a good three hours and starting to run on empty. I found out later that day that they aren't considering me for a lead teacher position after all. They offered me an asst. teacher position!!!!!!!!! I feel like I wasted all that time for nothing. It's a foot in the door is what was told me. And that taking the asst. teacher position would give me the opportunity to see what it is like at the school and to get used to the idea of what goes on there so that my second year that I would be there, I'd be a lead teacher. Part of me doesn't believe that I'd get to be a lead teacher there. It came down to the people who interviewed me not feeling as though I was very well-versed in the Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences or Mel Levine's Brain stuff..which is kind of funny because I wasn't asked anything about Mel Levine. ETA: Apparently their bottom line was WAY lower than mine. I don't work for peanuts particularly as an asst. teacher. :P
At the Kelter Center, during our the trainings, the first thing we're exposed to is Mel Levine so right now the school in the Palisades can kiss my booty. I have another interview (different school and less of a commute) this Friday so fingers are crossed for that one. My gut is telling me that I'm going to get a Kindergarten position somewhere and honestly, that's what I want! :)
Ah, another reason the knitting has gone out the window is due to lack of sleep! Since I've added on 6 more hours at work, I'm too tired in the evenings to knit. I just veg and try to stay cool!
Okay, I did some winding earlier today (before going to work) so here are some pics!2 cakes of Koigu KPPM from my sp...
2 skeins of Sex & The City..
spin, baby spin!
lace weight purchased from black bunny fibers
'kelp bed' gifted from crissy...yarn cakes anyone?
Say hello to the happy yarn cake family! Daddy in the front, mom in the back with the kids. ;)


  1. glad to hear that you had a mostly good birthday weekend!

    i'm sorry about that whole job situation and hope everything goes well for you on friday! : )

  2. Yummy yarn cakes. Hope your mojo comes back and that things get better!

  3. Yarn cakes look yummy!

    Enjoy your contest yarn, or if you don't like it pass it on. Up to you! I just had picked those out before announcing the contest!

    Sorry to hear about the job - it sucks that it wasn't for what you wanted..

  4. Chin up - you'll get there jobwise. How disappointing, though, that they offered you such a low position. Lovely yarn! Amazing Spring colours.

  5. Sorry to hear about the job situation, but I hope you find something wonderful soon! Beautiful yarn - love the kelp bed.

  6. Aren't your just loving your swift and ballwinder? Cheer up on the job in Palisades. If its meant for you, everything falls in to place... That's at least my motto!

  7. Yes, they can kiss your booty! Why should you work for peanuts in a job you don't want? That job wasn't meant for you, and the right one will come along. A shorter commute would be good! It is frustrating to have to waste so much time in those interviews, though!

    Those yarn cakes look yummy---but we do need to have a talk about the size of your stash.... :)

  8. Look at your yarncakes!!! So fabulous!

  9. Sorry about the job...must be very disappointing.:( Love your yarn cakes! Yesterday our house was 80 degrees inside too. When it gets hot I definitely do more cotton knitting...wool or acrylic makes my hands get really sweaty and sticky.

    Hopefully you'll get some extra sleep this weekend :)


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