Thursday, May 3, 2007

other bday goodies and other news

Over the weekend, I got a litte puffy that contained this: from Robyn. :) Thanks, sweetie! :) Oh, she also sent me a very cool Canadian pencil. :) Love the earrings. She knows I tried them on as soon as I got them out of their "Made in Canada" ziploc. ;)
Tomorrow,this lil munchkin will be braving a 5 hour drive to help me celebrate my bday this weekend! I finished all her bibs just in time. But I didn't get around to making a burp cloth for her as planned. I still have tonight and most of tomorrow though! So we'll see. I haven't really been knitting lately. I took a lil knitting break just because.
I've been MIA the last few days because I was busy getting ready to teach a model lesson at that school I subbed at a couple of times in the Fall. The model lesson went really well and I am supposed to go in for a 'final' interview. :) It was so validating to hear that the lesson was great, that I did a good job with the students, etc. I needed that. There may be a 1st grade position at this school and possibly a 2nd grade one. We'll see. Next Friday, I have an interview for a Kindergarten position. Fingers crossed that I get something full-time so we can move into either a bigger apt. or maybe a house and that way I'd have room for all my future yarn stash. ;)
My current job has just recently gotten crazier. One of the teachers will not be coming back (at least for the next six weeks). The poor thing has been in the hospital since last week with pneumonia. So, we have to cover her clients. Since I'm the only other teacher that goes to the school that she and I both go to during the week, I've been asked to cover her hours. So I'll be adding an additional 6 hours of work to my current work-load. Sure it'll be good money but what about my sanity???? It's only going to be for the next 7 weeks (which is when school will be over). I'm going to start counting down until June 21st!!!!!!


  1. Oh, happy almost-birthday! I'm glad you're back to posting. Have fun with the baby--she's so cute. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday!!Hope you have a fabulous birthday celebration this weekend! Hope the year ahead is wild and wooly! :)


  3. Glad you got your earrings & you like them! I thought they were very fun! I'm selling them in my shop, my fun creations!

    Hope you have a very awesome bday, and those fortune cookies look like fun!

  4. happy early birthday... hope you have a great day! those fortune cookies look amazing!

    hope everything goes well with your interviews! : )

  5. Nice pre birthday gifts! Yay, you get to see the little cutie. Lucky Auntie!

    Happy Birthday (soon) :D

  6. Sure hope you have a very happy birthday! Good luck with your model lesson and I have my fingers cross that you'll get the job :)
    Enjoy your visit with your little niece. Maybe next time you'll have pictures of her wearing the bibs you knit for her :)

  7. Hey... I was thinking of you all day yesterday hoping that you're day was terrific! Did you drink a margarita for me???

    Happy happy and many many more. and wishing you well on your interviews. Only prob with FT teaching is it cuts into your crafting time LOL


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