Saturday, May 19, 2007

yarn to make you drool..

I finally got around to taking pics of my most recent yarn purchases. And no, Deb, we don't need to have a talk when you get to SoCal next month, I promise!! ;)This is the Anne of Green Gables colorway that I purchased from White Oak Studio. a close-up.I absolutely love, love, love this colorway! I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!Next we have the blood orange colorway purchased from See Jayne Knit Yarns. Jayne is awesome. Somehow along the way the skein pictured above sort of lost its way to me and didn't show up for a couple of weeks. Jayne was awesome enough to dye up another skein and send it to me along with some stitchmarkers! The lost skein arrived last Saturday (if I remember correctly)and this skein arrived a few days later. Thanks again, Jayne. ;) I got this stuff from kaleidoscope. These are so my colors!I haven't made any new yarn purchases--this is it for now. Oh, and it's all sock yarn in case you ere wondering. Etsy has become my new addiction. I even found some bead sellers there but have yet to make any purchases. Today, I spent my morning purchasing patterns. :o Here's what I got: the Diamond Fantasy shawl/scarf, the spring things shawl and drive thru. Who knows when they'll get knit but now I don't have to sit there looking @ the saved link anymore. So in a way, I was cleaning out my computer and not just my wallet!