Monday, March 22, 2010

livin' it up

I shamefully cast on for a new project in the wee hours of Friday morning. I'm still about 9 repeats away from finishing the cable scarf but I wanted something quick. I cast on for
Here's what the hat looked like as of early Friday morning.
Here's where it was as of early yesterday.
And here's how far I got last night. close but no cigar. I had to order one more skein for this hat. If I hadn't made the ribbing larger, I might not have ran out of yarn. Oh well. So this is on hold until the yarn gets here (hopefully that will be soon!).
I like how it is knitting up. At first I wasn't too fond of it but it's shaping up quite nicely.
Oh, I managed to remember to get a finished shot of with love the other day too. 
 The marathon was yesterday. The weather was unusually cool for SoCal. We were a tad disappointed. My sister was glad though. I stupidly forgot to bring my camera with me because I took the second shot of the hat right before we left (so I forgot to put my camera back in my bag!). So no pics of my sister in action. All I have is this.


  1. Great knitting projects!

    Love the "I'm Awesome"! LOL

  2. Isn't it frustrating to run out of supplies in the middle of a project? I've run out of thread before and it's so aggravating. Love the pic of your sister.hee hee.

  3. Hello there, fellow PEAR! :)

    Your photo brought about actual LOLs here. Love the yarns you've picked for your knitting projects - those saturated colors are gorgeous.


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