Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More thoughts on Stitches West 2010

Now that I've already overwhelmed you all with my purchases, there were a few things that I realized I left out. I was disappointed that when I got to the BMFA booth, they had mainly STR in stock. I was hoping to find BFL Sport in every color (I know, wishful thinking) so that I could purchase two skeins for the Audrey in Unst I've been dying to make. When I got to their booth, there were three colors and the one color I could've settled for, they only had one skein in stock. So back to the drawing board. The problem is I'm not really sure what the BFL sport is comparable to (which is why I'd rather just do the sweater in the yarn the designer used) but I was just over at Gudrun's blog and she has used another yarn for an Audrey. Maybe there's hope yet.
I somehow failed to mention Toots LeBlanc & Co. too! Michele was super nice. She had some gorgeous lacy knits on display. She also had a great lace book that I have yet to see anywhere but she mentioned that it had been out for a long time and the one she had in stock was a revision. There was also this booth where you could get a 'free massage' and it was from a pillow. They also had massage brushes for your head and I thought of my niece because she has one!!

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  1. What yarn did she use that wasn't the BMFA one? Did it say on her blog? Couldn't you seen on Ravelry what other people used instead? Hope this helps?


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