Sunday, March 28, 2010

picture sunday

Would you believe I have no projects in my basket??? I was researching for the cozy bolero late last night so I could cast on for it but I don't have the right needle size. I'm going to have to buy some needles before I can get started. In the meantime,  I am still trying to figure out what my next project will be (since I really don't want to run out and purchase a new set of circs just yet). It might be citron. Though I have yet to begin to wind my yarn. It could be a pair of socks for the hubby but I did tell him that I wanted my next project to be for me!
I got a chance to take a pic of most of my finished objects (excluding gust who wasn't quite ready for a photo shoot). So I present to you, my current finishes for March.
my mom's shawl
hubby modeling it since I couldn't wait for my sister to get here to model it!
close-up of hubby's hat
the top of his hat. i love how this looks!
and hubby's scarf.
I noticed last night that my hubby's hat and scarf actually go together. He somehow planned this without me noticing! I'm so glad to be done with all of my projects. It feels very strange. Please excuse the super huge pics of my mom's shawl. I don't know why the full pictures don't load so the genius that I am figured if I just made them bigger, you could see more.
Oh, we arrived back home early Saturday morning (around midnight) and the monkey was over. In fact she was still awake! She spent the night and came back last night and spent another night over here.
Her Sunday was filled with digging in the dirt (with my hubby), wearing goofy straw hats (hers a Chevy's Hat and his my mom's gardening hat), and collecting worms. Unfortunately, my camera was literally dead so we couldn't take any pictures to commemorate the day. Oh well. It was a reminder of why we wanted to be closer.


  1. Wait, are you done with ALL of your projects? That sounds crazy! ;) I love the shawl especially!

  2. You and my friend Anne are having trouble with pictures loading apparently, but I love your Mom's Shawl. What pattern was it? Good luck with Citron, I made a version of it, you can read the saga over on Ravelry...

  3. Love the shawl!! Oh how I would love to have all my projects done!! Don't think it will ever happen though.

  4. That's awesome that you're done all your started projects! Go you!!! When is lent over so you can start new stuff?? Or are you starting before since you were a good girl and finished before? You did a great job on all of them. Sneaky sneaky hubby!! (With the matching!!)

    Ewwww, worms?!


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