Thursday, March 4, 2010

slow week

I haven't been up to much this week it seems. I've been creeping along with Anna Karenina. I tried reading it on our way home from Stitches (both days) and I have to say that it reads like Gossip Girl. I'm trying to like it though. What did me in was the fact that the Introduction basically told me what was going to happen in the novel and it even went so far as to say how it ends!! In the Introduction??? Come on! I was livid. I got through most of the Introduction and stopped as soon as I read what was going to happen to Anna. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even want to read the book anymore. But yet here I am..trying to trudge through. I've got Eat, Pray, Love on hold while I get through Anna Karenina. I am also disappointed in the language. I think I sort of expected language like in The Iliad. Since Anna Karenina is supposed to be one of the great classic novels of our time, I really truly expected that I would struggle more with the language but it almost reads like a modern day romance-at least the version that I have. Maybe that's it. I'm about a hundred pages along and what I predicted to happen has already happened so I'm at the "So now what?" stage. I'll still try to read it. I'm hoping it gets better. If not, I have Eat, Pray, Love waiting and I also have My Life in France! lol. So far I have read about 12 books since the start of the year. I need to get a move on I think.
There's been little knitting. But I did have a realization! I am much further along on my mom's shawl than I thought. I'm thinking of doing at least 3 more pattern repeats before I get to the edging and bind off. Who knew the light at the end of that tunnel was going to be fast approaching?? I'm hoping that is going to be long enough. It seems like it. Right now I am at 260 sts. The pattern says to work until you have 195 sts on your needles and then do the edging and bind off. As I began working on the shawl, I realized that in order for the shawl to be as big as the one in the pattern, I would have to work to at least double the 195 (talk about setting oneself up for disaster!). So of course it would make sense that I would lose my desire to work on the project-not to mention the great pain I was having from just the knitting alone. Fortunately, the end is nearing. Soon!
Goodness. I forgot to mention this great stuff I tried out at Stitches West! It's called Topricin. I can't remember which booth had the sample right now but it was one where there were a ton of lace shawls and the vendor mentioned something about her new pattern appearing in the latest Piecework magazine soon. Anyway, I rubbed some of the stuff on my right wrist and it felt great! I think I knit a bit on my mom's shawl that Sunday night and I didn't have any problems with my wrist like I normally do. We didn't purchase the stuff from the vendor because it was way overpriced and I knew if I went online, I could find it for cheaper so I have ordered a tube of it for myself. I can't wait!

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  1. Oh wow, you've read 12 books already? I'm struggling through 2, one which I started last year, and one that I started in January! I need more time!

    I never was into Anna Karenina and books of the sort. I'm a chick lit girl all the way...!


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