Monday, March 22, 2010


LA must not want us to leave. We had a bit of an accident on the freeway. Everyone is okay but when we exited the freeway and pulled into the Carl's Jr. parking lot to eat, both my mom and I smelled gas. Then when I got out of the car, I saw all the gas leaking out of the freakin' car. We called the dealership and they gave us the number to roadside assistance. We had the car towed to the nearest dealership and we got a rental and are back at my sister's. Not sure how this exactly happened but I did hear this loud noise and wasn't sure what it was. The service dept. was closed (obviously!) but we should be getting a call from them tomorrow to hear the prognosis. Sigh..I had an appt. at the DMV to finally change my name too. Signing off..stuck in LA..


  1. Glad that you were needing to eat then, LA is NOT the place to have a vehicular crisis, ask me how I know.

  2. Were you driving? I'm glad you're okay.

    Maybe you're destined to be somewhere else than LA but LA is just the place you'll be staying for a while... can't be that bad.. :)

  3. Stuck in LA... gosh sakes, do you ever get a break, girl?


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