Monday, May 10, 2010

Chicago, Here I Come!!!!

Well, it just so happens that my sister has to fly out for an interview in Chicago and she doesn't want to go alone so I 'volunteered' to go with her. I can't wait! That's the furthest East I will have traveled. My excellent friend in Portland will be meeting us there too. :) I need to figure out what yarn shops I'm dragging these two into because everytime my sister travels, she fails to enter a yarn shop for me so now as 'punishment' i'm dragging them into at least two if not three shops! Any suggestions?


  1. Have fun! I love Chicago, but I did not visit any yarn shops.

  2. Bummer that you'll be so close and we can't meet up. It's funny because the furthest west I have been is Chicago!

  3. If I didn't have 2 kids I'd so fly out and meet up with you too! Too bad. Some other time!

    Have fun in Chicago. I've always wanted to go. When are you going?


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