Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago (part 2)

As I mentioned at the end of part 1, somehow last Thursday ended up being our big tourist day. After the Chicago Tribune building,
I saw the Chicago Cultural Center so we went in!
Here is a gorgeous stained glass ceiling we discovered in the building. There was also some art on display while we were there. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures of any of the exhibits. I was so bummed!! But I was able to see this, and take a picture of it since it wasn't part of any of the exhibits.
We made our way to the Millenium Park, and first we encountered this acropolis like structure.
And then we hit the bean!
Here I am, the resident expert of the three of us who knew how to use the bean to my photo-taking advantage. Thanks to all the self-portraits I've had to take of finished projects!
The bean was by far my favorite thing that we saw while in Chicago. My sister thinks I'm obsessed with it because I bought a magnet, postcards, etc.
how can you not love it??
and finally, the art institute of chicago.
Are you as tired as I was when I actually lived through all that walking??? lol. The museum was absolutely amazing. So much to see and so many people to see everything with because Thursday nights from 5pm-8pm admission is FREE. Unfortunately, the new Matisse exhibition was NOT open to non-members.
Here are some highlights..
this by far, was one of my favorites
now this was an awesome display. a spiderweb was projected onto the wall and there was a camera facing away from the wall and anytime, someone moved or what have you, it would create movement in the web. I LOVED it!
this was difficult to capture through my camera. I couldn't even get the colors correct! The medium is wool, something called trevira, rubber and foam.
This was fantastic! At first glance, you can't see anything. It was when I was about to snap a photo of it that I saw the image before you. The medium is acrylic, cotton, and something called rhoplex.

And then I saw this! You can't see it but the bottom portion through the center of this work actually juts out at you. A guy who was looking at it at the same time I was had remarked that he just wanted to stick his head inside the hole!
This artist has always been a favorite.
And this I knew my husband would appreciate it.
We pretty much saw everything you could possibly see in the museum. When we left, it had just started to rain so we hopped into a cab back to the hotel. We dined at the Weber Grill. Scrumptious garlic mashed potatoes (practically the only kind I'll eat) and interesting pretzel rolls.
Friday began with breakfast at Big Bowl. That's right, I said breakfast. (Don't look at me!!). And then we hit the Sears Tower-my sister and friend paid the $16 each to go up to the Skydeck and I hung around near the gift shop making phone calls. (This wasn't the first time I was caught out and about without my knitting!). After the skydeck, we traveled what seemed like a lifetime (in growing Chicago heat mind you) to get to Loopy Yarns. Sigh. Before we even arrived there, I was highly annoyed that we were ye again walking someplace. When we got there, I was greeted by many rooms of yarn and finally some alone time! I perused the yarns in the 3 main rooms on the first floor while complaining to both my hubby and my wonderful friend who's trying to get us to move back to LA. I also hit the section with pattern books and the sale section downstairs while on the phone with them! Unfortunately, no yarn called out to me. I was a bit disappointed. I did end up getting a pattern book though and the lovely Christa signed me for the mailing list and I scored a free bag. :) And then the huge raindrops started falling out of the sky. Glad someone was looking out for my feet..The rain eventually stopped so we were able to head towards Lincoln Park. Originally, we were supposed to go to the zoo in Lincoln Park but since the art institute was considered a zoo to someone in our travel party (because it was free..and the zoo is free as well), we didn't go. Do you know what was near the zoo? A cupcake shop. Do you know what else was nearby? Nina. My sister actually wanted to go to this yarn shop too! We got to go to the cupcake shop. I had a delicious blueberry cobbler cupcake and my sister had a yummy chocolate decadence. We dined at the overpriced Tarascas where the cheapest thing on the menu was $11. Bitter, much? Just a bit. I didn't even go into the AT&T Wireless fiasco that began last Monday.  It has since been resolved but dealing with crap like that whilst out of town is not fun. But for me, it was unavoidable. Also, it didn't help that we ended up not qualifying for the program that would've helped us with our first month's rent so spending money was one of the last things I needed to be doing.
Our final meal was at Potbelly Sandwich Works. lol. Oh and I made sure I boarded the plane with some popcorn from garrett.
At the airport I saw this!

Views from the plane:
Goodbye, Chicago!
Hello, Long Beach.
All in all, it was a good trip. Wish the hubby had been with me but this will not be the last time you find me in Chicago..


  1. Awesome, wonderful, fabulous photos! I love the bean thingy, how cool looking!

  2. One time when you come back I will have to make the drive over so we can meet up!

  3. Sounds like a great trip!

    Too bad nothing spoke out to you at Loopy. Probably better that way on the budget, LOL

    That bean is the COOLEST thing ever. It's on my list of places and things to do one day. Very very wicked!!

  4. So late on this, but love all of your Chicago photos! I love that city - now I'm itching to visit again.


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