Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News We've Been Waiting For

We learned today that we have been offered an apartment!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby and I found out while we were at the mall today and we dropped by the leasing office to pick up the offer letter and got to see our new digs. They ended up leasing the one they showed us a couple weeks ago but that's okay because hubby likes this one better. We can't wait!! It is such a relief to know that we will now be able to have our place to call home. :) We've already gone over all the things we won't have to deal with once we move. Now I'm just stressing about where the heck we're going to put everything! Moving, again...
I had an interview of sorts today with a local school and it went pretty well. They are still 'in the beginning of the process' though so who knows what will happen. I'd like to hear back from them though because I actually really liked this one and was rather shocked that a school like that existed here of all places!
I am in love with this. I am dying to cast on for it but don't know what yarn I'd use. So I guess I have to wait. Dame damson is finished blocking but with all the hullabaloo of getting ready for my trip next week, I have yet to take a photo of it. Might wait until I'm with my sister and take one then. We'll see.


  1. Im sooooo sooooo happy for you both. Im also very envious, there is nothing like a place to call your own. Looks like things have finally turned the corner for you xxxxxx

  2. Kewlio! I know you all will love getting back to being yourselves. Congratulations.

  3. Congrats on the apartment!

    That is a great shawl! That's a free one from knitty right?

    Good luck with the interview! Let us know how the process goes!

  4. What great news! I hope you get the job too!


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