Saturday, May 15, 2010

What A Week!

I realized yesterday that I haven't really posted anything of substance this week and I had all these plans earlier in the week. Life just got in the way with finding out about the apt, follow-up appts. with the organization that may help with at least our first month's rent, and then there was a whole load of crap.
But I digress. Let's start with Mother's Day! I took it upon myself to do some cool Mother's Day crafting with the monkey for her very deserving mother.
A fingerprinted card.
A so super cute pic of the artiste and her beautiful work!
This was just the card. The real gift we failed to get a pic of. I saw it last night at their apt. and at first I thought, "That is really cool!" Then I remembered that hubby and I helped the monkey make it for her mom! lol. Once we've moved I'll attempt to get a picture of it.
Since I had all my crafting stuff out, I decided to do some of my own creative work. So I made some birthday cards. I began a third one but it isn't quite finished yet. I really like how these came out!
 I don't know why I still go out and buy birthday cards!
As of today, purple haze is stitches away from completion. I wanted to be able to block it while I was away. My clothilde that I cast on for over the weekend is ready for some attention!
It's going to be the only project I take with me on my trip. Hopefully it will be enough. Must remember to switch out the needles!
I leave you with this..
Sorry it's blurry. We accompanied the monkey to one of her ballet classes this week. lol. This picture summed up the class for her though (if you ask me!!).
Okay, off to do more packing.


  1. Good auntie that you are. Lovely post and looking forward to seeing your purple and the progress on you new one.

  2. That was so sweet of you to help the monkey with making her mommy a mother's day card! You guys did a great job!

    Love the cards you made as well! They're super nice!

    Awww, I so need baby #3 to be a girl. I want to go to ballet classes with a wee one too...! So jealous!

  3. Oh that fingerprinted card is such a cute idea. You are a super aunt! The birthday cards are lovely, too, and I'm again loving your colorway for the Clothilde. I think I would fall in love with your stash upon seeing it! :)


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