Thursday, May 27, 2010

life after chicago

Aside from Chicago, I did spend some time in LA. I had been craving a tuna melt from Mick's Cafe so I met my former co-worker and wonderful friend for lunch and somehow I ended up visiting my old school too! I also caught up on some tv. When I came back from Chicago, we stayed in LA for another day. I kind of needed a day off from traveling. We spent some time with my FIL and his wife and we did some laundry!
We ended up not signing our lease and moving in on Monday because of needing to come up with first month's rent (on our own) and while I was away, I received two calls regarding scheduling interviews for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! The interview on Tuesday was with the charter school I interviewed with before I left for my trip. It was the group interview and I think it went well. They are still in the beginning of their process but would let me know the next steps. The interview on Wednesday was for a preschool position. The funny thing is when I asked where exactly the center was located, I learned that it is right across the street from where we are moving to. The other coincidence is that the monkey might be going to that school! They are going to make their decision in the next two weeks so we'll see. I kind of want an elementary position but who knows what hand I'm going to be dealt. I hope something good comes out of at least one of these interviews. I'm running out of outfits to wear! I don't mind the interview itself though. I think I've done my fair share of interviews by now (since I'm going on year 2 here of teaching interviews!) and I've gotten used to how they work and I walk out feeling whatever 
We will sign our lease and begin moving in tomorrow!!!!! Pictures of the new place to come. I can't wait to have a room for my knitting again! Packing has been a pain. I did a bulk of it last night. I woke up yesterday morning (after having a poor night of sleep) wanting to start packing stuff because I really hadn't. 
As for my knitting, I've moved along with clothilde-just haven't taken a recent shot of her. It's been super ugly here. Hope the lighting is better at the new place. I had a bit of reworking to do with purple haze. I cast on for a new sock on the way down to LA.
I've been trying not to knit since our drive back to our living hell because of all the boxes I'm going to have to carry. I'm trying to keep my right hand strong. Ha! The knitting shall resume once all the heavy boxes are at their new home.


  1. Congratulations again! I hope you love your new place!

  2. I like where it's all going. Good luck to you and your move and TAKE CARE OF YOU!

  3. The socks look great. Good luck with moving. When are you offically out of your parents place?


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