Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chicago! (part 1)

Where do I even begin?? First of all, we didn't have enough time in Chicago for me to fully enjoy what the city had to offer. Thank goodness my sister was accepted by her school so I will have plenty of chances to visit (and so will the hubby) once things get better in our lives!
Views from the plane..
Now, in California, I have yet to see a toilet like this:
 This is a toilet at O'Hare International Airport.
A cool mural that I saw on our way to the train from the airport.
My favorite decorative element of our hotel.
The exterior to our hotel. 
The reception area. 
Our first meal was  at Portillo's Hot Dogs. While my sister and my friend had hot dogs,  I had a slice of tiramisu. At the start of this trip, my appetite was non-existent! The time change may have affected my appetite (not sure what else would've other than the million of blocks those two had me walking!!) because by Saturday I was starving!
The next day was the day of my sister's interview. We had breakfast at West Egg Cafe and then we grabbed a taxi headed towards my sister's future school! While she went to do her interview, my friend and I did some sightseeing. 
The oogedy boogedy man. :)
a cool bridge 
freddy krueger's fingers (at least three of them) but it was really called moon's bench.
There were so many cool sculptures and displays because we were near the Art Institute.

The Dessert Tree!
I wanted to take a shot while we were in the crosswalk but remembered too late.
We managed to swing by XOCO while we were sightseeing and we told ourselves we'd return but didn't. Definitely next time. What caught my attention was in the window it said something about chocolate and tortas (mexican submarine sandwiches) and I thought that was an interesting combo so we went in. And then we smelled the food! The line wasn't too bad when we were there but we didn't want to eat anything without my sister.
After the interview, the real sightseeing began. We walked towards the Chicago Tribune building, visited the Chicago Cultural Center and then made our way to both Millennium Park and The Art Institute of Chicago. Now mind you, we walked all that way. Fortunately, it started to rain so we had to hop in a taxi to get back to our hotel. Otherwise, I'm sure we would've had to have hobbled home. Now, my friend was in charge of navigating-not just figuring out how to get there by walking but also by public transit. Somehow, the wires got crossed and figured everything out by walking. I could've killed him while we were going through the Art Institute. 

Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Looks like you had a great time. GREAT photos by the way. I'm dying to get to Chicago sometime... one day.

    I always said I'd make it one day to an Oprah taping, but her show is ending this year, and there is no way I can make it out before it ends.


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