Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thank you ladies for the birthday wishes. :) My day began with me opening up a couple of gifts:
The first pic is of the contents from my lovely package from Robyn! Thank you SO much, Robyn!! :) I love everything. :) She sent me my very first skein of Dream in Color smooshy-don't know the name of the colorway but I already have a possible project for it just have to check the yardage! Some bamboo marking pins that I had wanted to try out, some hot chocolate that if I remember correctly she was selling as part of a fundraiser for Sean's daycare. Awesome earrings, and a goddess to help watch over me. :)
From my hubby I received an angel wing shirt and he treated me out for breakfast and gave me some money to do with whatever I pleased.
We went out to breakfast with my SIL and the monkey. Here's my hubby trying out the earrings I received from Robyn. I had them on but didn't want to keep them in too long for fear that my oversensitive ears might get irritated (they're actually okay though! which is a good sign!).
And when I took them off, I remembered that hubby has both ears pierced too. lol. So he wore them and the monkey nearly had chocolate milk coming out of her nose when she saw him wearing these earrings! It was hilarious.
After brunch, we went back to my parents' house to have some of the delicious cake that my SIL and the monkey had made for me for my birthday. Oh yeah, they sang "Happy Birthday" to me at the restaurant. The monkey has been singing "Happy Birthday" to me all day!
We hit Olive Garden for dinner. I wasn't feeling like Mexican food this year. Here's the monkey wearing my sunglasses in the car on our way to the restaurant.

More gifts from my brother:
And I received this flower arrangement from my sister:
All in all, it was a good birthday. The only downside was my hubby had mentioned to the guys at Olive Garden that it was my birthday and he was waiting on them to come sing to me but my mom rushed us out of there like a bat out of hell and he was highly irritated with her. Oh well.


  1. I'm glad you had a pretty super birthday! That Dream in Color skein is goooorgeous.

  2. Hey!
    I am glad you got my gift and loved it! The yarn colorway should be Chinatown Apple. The name should be on the underneath of the label...!? Is it not?

    I used hypo allergenic sensitive earring posts, because on your allergies. The girl assured me at the bead shop they were safe for you :) She said it was some new technology.

    Great gift you got! Let me know how that book is! Looks like you had a great birthday!! :) And got some lovely gifts!!

  3. ps- So jealous you went to Olive Garden! I LOVE that restaurant!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic day! Your hubby's too funny! What wonderful goodies! So glad you had a great deserve it and many more!:) love ya

  5. Happy Birthday! You were appropriately spoiled! Love Dream In Color!

  6. Sounds like a great birthday! Happy Belated!
    That pic of your hubs wearing your earrings is Before I read the text, I was like, "WTF?!?"

  7. Well then, you SCORED! Again, many happy returns of the day to you. We love the book Coraline so much that, we have 3 copies of it in the house now, all with different cover art.

  8. Wow! you got quite a haul! Sorry I missed your bday! happy belated!

    I've given you an award! Come to my blog to accept it!



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