Monday, May 31, 2010

still here

We are still in the thick of moving. We got the bed, bed frame, dresser, and couches over. Still have my teaching stuff, knitting (!!!), and a couple of chairs over at my parents' house. Not sure when we'll finally get it all out since it's just my husband and I moving our stuff on our own. My SIL and a friend of hers from work were kind enough to help yesterday. That's how we got a bulk of our stuff here. Tonight we'll be able to sleep in a bed again rather than the air mattress (which isn't that bad but still nice to be able to sleep in a bed again!).

I have a model lesson to prepare for which I will be giving on Wednesday morning. I also need to fax over my diplomas for the preschool position. Then it's just a race against time. Who knows, maybe other jobs will call me! I'm trying not to stress but it's hard especially when we're still in the midst of moving! :P

No knitting. I've had to save my strength for boxes and the like! Good news is everyone is happy in the new place. :) Yay!


  1. Good luck with the rest of moving!

    Can't wait to hear how your model lesson tomorrow goes! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Well, you still sound cheery so you are following my advice and taking care of you during this movie, right?

  3. Good luck with all of the moving process. So happy how things are working out for you.


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