Saturday, March 31, 2007

and this makes 4

See this ball of yarn? It arrived Thursday evening (earlier than I had expected in fact!!) It's my yarn for ISE4. I expected the color to be a bit richer. It's called sangria (100% pure alpaca), does it look like sangria to you?
Here's what said ball of yarn started to turn into as I began the first pattern repeat of the persephone scarf. I'm not in love with how things are coming along and I think it's because of the yarn color. :( I'm going to give it another go and do one more pattern repeat and take it from there.
And what's all of this you say? I thought I'd show you where I keep all my current knitting projects. lol. On the couch because that's usually where I sit to knit. Persephone has joined the bunch but when I took this pic, she wasn't in her proper place. I need to finish something so that I can spend more time on her. It's either going to be the traveling vines scarf or my so-called scarf because there's no way I'm going to be able to finish thermal that quickly! I haven't even made it to the neck placket yet. I've done almost 9 inches of the waffle stitch pattern and I think I'm going to do 6 more inches (maybe!) so that the neckline isn't so low cut on me. The pattern says to do 12 inches and I emailed ms. cosmicplutoknits and she suggested lengthening the body to whatever desired length and then dividing the stitches up for the neck placket. Thanks Laura! :) So that is what I'm going to try out. I just hope I have enough yarn!
I decided today to frog a wip. I frogged my cable wrap which I started way back in October 9of last year!) and didn't get around to finishing. Oh well. There was no emotional connection there.
So now my oldest project on the needles are those widdershins. Ay yi yi. Expect to see those in the sidebar for a bit longer. Like I said, I need to finish some of these bigger projects first!
Would you believe I haven't knit a dishcloth since the lacy diamonds cloth? I've been wanting to cast on for a hob nail cloth for myself. I saw this really cute pattern for a stained glass cloth as well! Sigh...can't some of my projects magically finish themselves??? Then I'd have more time for the other ones.


  1. I'm noo sure what sangria looks lke but I love the color! And I think the pattern looks great with the yarn. If you continue on with it your scarf pal is going to love it. If not do you think you'll try a differnt color yarn or a differnt pattern for the yarn?

  2. i think your scarf is coming along nicely! i really like the pink color, myself... and even if you aren't 100% in love with it, if the recipient is, then that's what really matters, right? : )

  3. I haven't actually seen Sangria in person, but I thought it would be a darker shade. I still like the color, but then I tend to be partial to the pinks/purples. Is it the little bits of loose yarn bits (the white-ish "fuzz") that you're not sure you like?

  4. The Sangria is very pretty, but I know sometimes if you have it pictured in your mind's eye as something else it can be disappointing! Maybe (I hope) it will grow on you :)
    Don't you wish there were more hours in the day for knitting?

    happy knitting :)


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