Friday, March 9, 2007

ho hum

Well, today was my model lesson at the school in the Valley and it only went okay. It's my own fault because I didn't come completely prepared to do a 45 min. lesson. I was under the impression that it was only going to be a half hour. I could've put more into it but you know what? I didn't make the time to put more into it. I was busy with my current job (yes, my part-time job!). I sat down with the principal and she told me that she was disappointed. She expected more out of me. Kinda hard to give someone more when you're not really sure what would be an appropriate 45 min. lesson. I thought of other things to do with them but I have to tell you, I'm not used to doing a model lesson in a room where there are...7 other adults watching!! Yes, 7. There was the teacher who is going to be the co-teacher, the principal, the head of school, the current teachers in the class, and two other people who I have no idea who they were. One of them introduced herself to me. I think if I had known what I was walking into in advance, I could've done a better job. Oh well. I've been going back and forth with the idea of moving to the Valley. Could I really leave the nice cool breeze I get here on the Westside for the hot smoggy valley? Who knows.
So, to lick my wounds, I went to Stitch Cafe. :) I figured some yarn therapy was necessary. It's a cute lil shop. I met Megan who I think is the co-owner? I'm not sure. Oh, there was so much yarn! They had noro, manos, malabrigo, their own hand-dyed stuff, rowan, cascade, etc. Here's what I came away with: My first purchase of some manos (ever!). The colorway is...118 mulled wine. I was thinking the my so-called scarf but we'll see what I end up making. I really liked the malabrigo as well but couldn't pick out a color!
Traffic was awful coming back 'over the hill' (another good reason why I shouldn't work in the Valley and live on the Westside). I decided to swing by Yarns Unlimited before heading home because I still wasn't feeling any better. :P That didn't help much but I learned that she now carries Sugar and Cream yarn there so that's nice to know.
This picture is of what I made for dinner last night. I got the recipe from Ruth who got it from here. :) The recipe calls for chicken wings. I had to use chicken tenderloins because my sister said we couldn't fit anymore stuff in our freezer. I thought it came out all right. I will definitely be making this dish again but with wings!! Okay, I need to go eat. Food always makes me feel better. :) Thanks for listening!


  1. That manos is gorgeous - I am a huge Manos fan!

  2. Aww. That would be nerve-wracking to have 7 other adults watching as you're trying to do a job.

    Your yarn sure is pretty, and the food looks yummy, though!

    Hope you're feeling better!!

  3. Yarn and food always makes me feel better, too.

    Wow that is pretty yarn. I'll have to check back and see what you end up knitting!

    The chicken looks delicious...will have to try that recipe!

    happy knitting :)

  4. Ditto what everyone else said - yarn + food is always a good pick-me-up! =)

  5. Aww sorry! Glad you could cheer yourself up with the pretty Manos and delicious dinner!

  6. i made a my-so-called-scarf with manos for a friend for Christmas and it turned out really well, very soft and warm.

    i have those corelle dishes! : )

    sorry to hear that your lesson didn't go very well! i hope everything works out for you!


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