Monday, March 26, 2007

the little niece that could..or just call me cutie pie

I have to tell you that when I first saw my niece (who I haven't seen since New Year's Day), I didn't recognize the kid. I said, "She doesn't look like herself." The pic from my a sneak peek post, is close to the time when she first woke up last Friday morning. So how did this kid turn into this:It's amazing, if you ask me! Here she is with my sister, after she had breakfast Friday morning. Here she is in our parents' bedroom being a lil ham. She can hold her head up now! :) What is this face, you ask? My dad taught my niece how to say 'pfft.' It's pretty funny watching her make this face and say 'pfft.' That's me in the background! How my dad taught her that, I'll never know. Here's my future lil knitter with knitting needle in hand sitting on my sister's lap. Here she is inspecting my work thus far. Tasty, isn't it!
Teething. Can't you tell?
One of my favorite shots.
She's holding her own bottle. :) Sleeping, in her auntie's arms (that would be me!) :)