Monday, March 26, 2007

knitting progress and a special gift!

I haven't had a chance to share the goodies I received in the mail last Thursday from AR! :) She sent me not one but two super cool soaps in socks. :) And they smell so fresh and clean! :D Thanks again, AR! :) Well, as of last night, I had roughly 7.5 inches completed of the waffle stitch portion of the body of my thermal. I was hoping to get all 12 inches completed (which is how much I should have done before starting the neck placket) but that didn't happen. And I'm not going to work on thermal tonight because I need a thermal break. ;) Here's my so-called scarf as of this morning. As of about 4pm (pacific time!), I have completed the first skein and will eventually add on the second skein. It's pretty long. I measured it with my second favorite knitting accessory, my tape measure, and before I finished the first skein it was at least 40 inches in length. Typically, I like my scarves to be at least 55 inches long. I think I'm going to have some leftover yarn..wonder what I'll use it for! :)
Now that my so-called scarf is nearly completed, I think I'm going to split my time between thermal and my traveling vines scarf. The pattern calls for 20 pattern repeats but I think I'm going to make mine a bit longer. I'm due to begin my fifteenth pattern repeat so I'm gonna keep going until I think it's long enough so that I use up the yarn.


  1. Thermal looks good! Do you like knitting the pattern? Love the scarf!

  2. Yay for your knitting! I haven't gotten a thing done all week.

    I love love love the pictures of your little niece. She is so big and turning into quite a beauty! pfft! How cute!!

  3. Wow your thermal looks great...wish I could feel it though :(

    happy knitting :)
    P.S. Your niece is a real cutie pie...blogger must have burped, couldn't leave a comment on your last post :(

  4. wow, looks like you're making really good progress on your projects!

    your niece is adorable, too! already trying to teach her how to knit, i see. haha! : )


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