Tuesday, March 13, 2007

as promised, some knitting progress!

Well, this is what my so-called scarf is looking like these days. I've lost count of how many times I've frogged and restarted the scarf. I'm a bit of a loose knitter and I thought going down a size would be wise. Boy was I wrong! I started out with 10's and the stitching was just way too tight. I moved up to 10.5's with a cast on of 26 or 28 and I wasn't happy with the width of the scarf @ all. I casted on some 11's the other night and I'm much happier now. I should've started with them in the first place. You live, you learn! Oh, I have to tell you that even though I said I was going to have a no knit evening, that didn't happen. I couldn't resist. While I watched "What About Brian?" I worked on my so-called scarf (the final re-cast on of it!) and I did one row of ribbing on my thermal.
Speaking of which, here's what it looks right now. Didn't I tell you it was going to be a
long haul?? I have to tell you that it takes me at least a half hour to do one entire row of ribbing. I'm actually almost through with the twisted ribbing and just might be entering the waffle stitch phase of the top maybe by the weekend? Who knows. I used to despise this continuous ribbing that I have to do but it doesn't bug me as much as when I first began. I've gotten the hang of it and it doesn't tire out my hand/arm like it did when I first started.
And here, my
pièce de résistance, is my traveling vines scarf. :) This is the point I'm at with it right now. I wish I could just knit all day long so that I could finish it and block it! Below is a close-up of the details. I can't wait to see it blocked!
Okay, I'm off to watch The Holiday with my sister. Before I go, I need to respond to some comments because I don't have these commenters' email addresses! knottykitty, we did not see the lorakeets-we didn't go into where the birds were but I know exactly where that was. I remember you telling me that you lived in Monterey. I think I like that aquarium better--plus it's the one I grew up with. And, they have a much bigger jellyfish exhibit. Also, they now have a shark! And to Ren, I wish we had another set of those dishes! My sister and I picked them out when we first moved in together. We like that they're break-resistant! lol.


  1. wow, your knitting all looks great! the my so-called scarf pattern goes really quickly once you get the hang of the stitches!

    i got my dishes when i moved into the dorms last school year... i LOVE that they don't break when i accidently drop them! *sheepish grin*

    p.s. i'm shado209 at gmail dot com : )

  2. Love the color of the scarves. How do you keep track of all the WIPs?

    I like "What About Brian" too!

  3. The scarves are both very beautiful - great colors/yarn. Good luck on thermal - always love a project that takes hours to do a row! :-)

  4. Everything is looking awesome!! I used a similar color on my so called scarf also, and I had the same problem as you with those darn stitches!! But once I got past that it went so quick! I made it extra long, and my sister (her xmas present) is able to wrap it around her neck a couple times and it looks real nice. I love long scarves anyway! I really want to get another lace scarf going after seeing yours, its so pretty!!

  5. You've got some lovely projects going on there!

    I feel your pain on Thermal. I eventually got to the point on Venezia where I could do a row in 15 minutes, but I probably knit FI faster than 1x1 ribbing (it looks like that's what you're doing?) Hang in there!

  6. Wow! The traveliing vines scarf looks fab! and the color is awesome as well---nice work! If you go to the aquarium again, you really MUST see the lorakeets! The rest of the aquarium is somewhat sedate, but those lorakeets are ROWDY! So much fun to watch, and you can feed them little cups of nectar on your hand. You have to get there early, though. Last time we went, they were too full of nectar from all the school kids who had come early in the day, and they closed it while they all slept it off! deb

  7. Lots of pretty knitting going on in your house :)

    Your scarf is really working up nicely!

    happy knitting :)

  8. You've been busy knitting!!
    Everything looks so good. :)

  9. Oh, pretty! Good work...I'll have to post soon on my new project!


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