Monday, March 12, 2007

sister's bday weekend

Well, this past weekend was my sister's bday weekend. We started the weekend off by going to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. It was the first time we had ever been in Long Beach(!) and the first time we had ever been to the aquarium there which is supposed to be one of the largest in the country. I wonder how it compares to the Monterey Bay Aquarium..In any case, here are some pics from the aquarium!
The first pic is this creepy fish that was hanging out with sand dollars! Apparently, these sand dolalrs can be found off of Redondo Beach Canyon (which isn't very far from us!).

The next pic is of an eel poppin' its head of some lil' spot and a crab.

Next is a soon-to-be shark hatchling in it's swell case!

Then we've got a GIANT manta ray.

The pic that is bright green is of these lil fishies that pop their heads in and out of the sand. They reminded me of Slimey, the worm from Sesame Street!

Next is the best pic I could possibly take of a cute lil otter eating lunch! :)

And here we have a lionfish! There was another weird fish in the tank with it (and it's relatives) but I didn't get a good pic of them).

last aquarium pic I will share with you all is of a cute lil seahorse which I thought was stuck but it was just hanging out!

We had a good time at the aquarium. Nearby was a lil shopping area so we went into Borders (I needed to go to the bathroom really bad!) and we picked up a ton of books. My sister had brought her two Borders gift cards which totaled like $150 combined! She got me The Friday Night Knitting Club as an early bday gift. I also picked out a few books by Elizabeth Noble and my sister got an Anita Shreve book.
After we grabbed some food, we proceeded to search for the two yarn shops I wanted to hit. We found out one of them is no longer in existence (or maybe it moved, who knows!) but that was okay because I really wanted to go to Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. This shop is going to be right up there for me with unwind and stitch cafe. As soon as I walked through the door, I was hit with new stock of lace yarns (colinette, fiddlesticks, etc). All I picked up some brown sheep cotton fleece for the green gable that I plan to start at some point! I haven't even gone into the
location of Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. It is right on the pier/dock! I will definitely be returning to that shop--I just wish it wasn't so far away! :(
There was some knitting accomplished, just no pics yet! I casted on for a my so-called scarf the other day while my fiance was watching The Inside Man and it took me the entire movie to finally get my stitches right! :P I wasn't happy with the width though. I'm using 10.5's. I recasted on yesterday and knitted a bit but might frog what I've got so far and knit on some 11's.
I've been making some headway with my traveling vines scarf! I'm a bit more than halfway through with it. I might make it longer though we'll see. I also did a bit of knitting on my thermal! I'm taking a no-knitting night so that I can catch up on other stuff so I will try to post some much needed progress shots tomorrow. :) Happy Daylight Savings Time!


  1. I love the aquarium! Did you see the Lorakeets? They are one of my favorite parts of the LB aquarium! I lived in Monterey, and the aquarium there is built right on the bay, which is great! I would say the Monterey Bay aquarium is larger and a little more sophisticated, and has sea otters! But LB is definitely fun too! I also visited Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. while visiting last summer--cute shop and great location! deb

  2. I love the aquarium! Happy birthday to your sis!

  3. I love the sea horse pic! That sounds like an awesome day. Happy B-day to your sis. :)

  4. Oh, and congrats on the new books. That hatchling pic is pretty cool, too!!

  5. We love going to aquariums. We have two in our area...The Boston aquariun and the Mystic Aquarium. They are small I'm sure compared to what you have. We've also been to Sea World n Florida a couple of times. When I was 12 years old I visited Marineland of the Pacific. I loved all the dolphin and whale shows back then and still do. That was a long time ago. Ancient history :)


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