Monday, March 5, 2007

lace and San Diego

Remember this? Well, I noticed over the weekend, (while knitting in actual daylight.) that the first few inches were the rs and the rest of my work was the ws!! So somewhere along the way, I goofed up. I also counted my stitches (what a novel idea!) that I was working with, and had 39 stitches instead of oh, 58! :P I started to rip back, then got a knot, and this is what's left of my screwed up project: I tried starting it over on Saturday but no one ever told me how difficult it was to count cast-on stitches in a moving car. Plus, most people just leave me to knit while in the car instead of forcing me to participate in an actual conversation. I tried to cast on at least two or three times and then decided to just give up. I recasted (is that a word??) on yesterday and here's what I've got so far. This is so much better. There are actual columns for where the travelling vines are. My sister and I decided (spur of the moment) to drive down to Windanseaville more popularly known to others as San Diego. By the way, this was my sister's first visit to San Diego, ever. I thought about letting windansea know but I had remembered reading in her blog that she was going to be suffering from bleacher butt so I didn't even bother. :( Next time.
It was a gorgeous day. We went to La Mesa Village for breakfast. I can't remember the name of the place but they used to have this huge apple nut waffle. Now they have apple nut french toast. On the same street was a bead shop!! I've been to this lil street before because my friend used to live in La Mesa not too far from where we ate but I had never seen a bead shop before. I remembered going into the lys (which I didn't go into this time around!) but not the bead shop. Oh, how I wish I had had cash with me! She sells beads individually. Normally the places I've been sell them in packages or in bulk. She had some cute ones too. I have decided when I go down to San Diego again, I will go to the bead shop prepared. :)
The highlight (for me) of our day in San Diego was probably going into Coronado. I had never been there before and my friend has lived in San Diego as long as I have lived in LA and he had never taken me there (or even suggested it for that matter!) until that day. They have got to have the most beautiful beaches in Coronado.
I found so many shells (sorry no pics of them!) and we even came across some sand dollars. And would you get a look at that sand! We were amazed even by the sand. It had flecks of what looked to be gold glitter and what I thought might be black sand. The sand was of a finer grade too. Our feet didn't sink into it as we walked. It was so perfect, picturesque, and peaceful in Coronado. We will definitely be making more trips out there.
Our last stop was Balboa Park. There was an Annie Liebovitz exhibit. We didn't go though because we didn't want to pay the $10 or $11 per persion to get in. We just went into the gift shop and my sister leafed through the book they had of a collection of her photographs. We just walked around as my sister took in the sights and the amazing architecture.


  1. sorry to hear that you had to frog the lace and start over, but good that it's going better this time around! : )

    i went to san diego a few years back to visit a friend and we never did make it down to the beach! we definitely went to balboa park, though!

  2. Suckage on the scarf! It was really pretty. At least you had a nice trip, right?

  3. oh my gosh - I'm so sorry I missed you!! I did get bleacher butt, though, so I was gone almost the whole weekend up in Escondido!!!!! Lydia

  4. Sounds like you had a good trip! I remember those gorgeous Coronado beaches. The "glitter" is a mineral called mica which breaks off in sheets like bits of glitter. I always loved the way it made everything sparkle!

  5. All that work and you had to frog it...sorry :(
    Love the shells and the gold sand...very nice :) I love collecting shells!

    happy knitting :)

  6. Crap, I hate having to start over. And that sand is amazing!!

  7. Glad your vines look like they should now. How frustrating, but it's fixed.

    Love your road trip photos! Of course, I love the beach.


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