Thursday, April 26, 2007

as promised!

Here she is, all finished! There's another picture here. All that is left is to wash her. I'm so glad to be done with this scarf. Towards the end, I was starting to tire of all the cables!!
This is a current wip. It's going to be a log cabin bib for my niece. I realized last weekend that I could knit up some bibs for her and her parents would use them (@ least they better!). I'm going to try to knit up three so we'll see. The other one will probably be a ninepatch one.
Here's thermal so far. I'll be able to work on her some more over the weekend-I think. I want to get my traveling vines scarf out of the way. I'm trying to clear off my couch for when our potential company gets here next weekend (should they actually get here!).
Here's some atacama I picked up from knit happens. I don't have a project in mind at all. I just liked the colorway and I haven't knit anything up in a gray.
Here's some lace-weight yarn I picked up from black bunny fibers. It's so, so pretty!!! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but I just love the colors!


  1. That's one of the most beautiful scarves I've seen in a long time. Well worth the effort.


  2. Gorgeous scarf! I think it was worth all the work. Love the gray yarn, what is atacama?

  3. That new lace yarn is beautiful! I may just need to order myself up some of that. I hope you find a great pattern to knit it into!

  4. Holy cables, G-girl, that scarf is gorgeous!! You did a great job! I can see how those cables could get tedious toward the end! And by the way, good thing I don't live near you, because every time you buy yarn and show pictures, I want to steal it! Love, love, love the lace weight colors! We must have similar color preferences. I love the colors of the bib, too---so cheery and cute! :)

  5. that scarf is gorgeous! you did a wonderful job! : )

  6. Beautiful - it came out awesome, I love it! Great job!

  7. Yay, your beautiful scarf is finished :) That was quite the project!

    I think those bibs you are making WILL be used. Everyone loves the M-D bibs that I made, though they're not as fancy as yours will be.

    Happy knitting :)

  8. persephone is GAWGEE-US... truly beautiful... maybe I'll start one if I ever finish the aran poncho.

    loving the yarn. Isn't that aracania dreamy? I picked up some on close out at my ACMoore a bit back. gotta love that stuff from South America.

    And I love the colors of the lace weight as well... my kind of colors

    cute bib.. I'm doing a log cabin bathmat right now with triple stranded double worsted cotton.. it's a bit heavy.

    thermal looks great!

    you go girlfriend...

  9. That yarn looks delicious! Love the colors in that skein and a great pic, too. The scarf is beautiful, wow..


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