Sunday, April 1, 2007

a red day

My persephone scarf is growing! I'm still not completely in love with my yarn choice but it is really soft! And look at the amazing cable pattern that is appearing before my very eyes! I went down a needle and am using 5's instead of 6's. I changed needles too. I was using some slippery ones and was losing stitches here and there so I'm now using some balene straights and I went down to a 4 to see if there would be a difference. It's a quick knit. I have calculated that if I just do one pattern repeat a day (16 rows) I'll be done in 22 days. I'm halfway through my pattern repeat for the day!
What's this red goodness? It's the yarn I picked out for my wicked. Talk about a splurge! I wanted to head down to Stitch Cafe and Unwind today to pick up my yarn for my wicked (from unwind) and my yarn for Carie from fitted knits but we only had time to stop off at one of the shops because we had to get my sister to work on time! Since we only hit one store and I only had about 30 min. tops in the store, I decided I'd get the yarn for my wicked. My fiance is the one who splurged. :) ETA: I realized after I had already posted this that I forgot to put what yarn this is! It is ArtYarns SuperMerino # 115. They had some rio de la plata but I wanted some malabrigo for the carie. The pattern calls for cascade magnum and I saw on someone's blog that they subbed malabrigo for the cascade (for something else) which I thought was a wonderful idea! I'm going to wait though. It's not like I'm going to be able to cast on for it anytime soon!


  1. what yarn is that? I've got to get some!

  2. Very pretty stuff! I like the way the cables look in that alpaca. (it's alpaca, right?) I think the fuzz makes them look very bold.

  3. Fabulous cable pattern :) really looks great and it is a very pretty color :)

    happy knitting :)

  4. I love the cable pattern on persephone--but then I'm a sucker for all pretty cable patterns.


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