Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blogger is being a butt It's cooperating today!

Seriously!! I came on specifically to share with you the awesome package Elspeth sent me, and I can't upload any pics right now. It won't tell me why either. I thought I'd outsmart blogger by trying to upload via picasa but no dice. :( In any case, thank you sooooooooooooooo very much for the goodies, Elspeth and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to show off what you sent me! ;)
I'm back and Blogger is being itself today. :) Yay!!!!!!!!!
So here's what I got from Elspeth yesterday. Isn't it a cute bag? The bag alone was enough and then I thought to open it... I think if I hadn't thought to open it, I wouldn't have known what else was in the bag! She sent me a ball of madil (in a lovely shade of blue), some gedifra donatella in a a lovely gray, and some irish linen in a nice green. :) I also received two cds, some stationery, a cute lil mini-notepad with a sheep on the cover and these lovely stitch markers. Thanks again, Elspeth!


  1. Urgh! Stupid blogger. I get so frustrated with it sometimes!! Hope it clears up for ya soon!!

  2. I'm a dope sometimes. I meant to put this comment here, not under your last post. - You sure have been getting a lot of cool stuff lately! Pretty bag.

  3. same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago.. it's so bloody frustrating! Nice goods you got there girl. You should be smiling lots!

  4. That was such a nice package to open up! Lucky you :)

    happy knitting :)

  5. yea i think i love the swaps got mine today from the other gal really nice stuff really nice.
    ok what cd's did you get inquiring minds want to know. :)


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