Monday, April 16, 2007

more stitch markers...are you sick of them yet??

Well, I'm sort of on a knitting break. I'm officially (should I continue to be on this break!) behind by two pattern repeats on persephone as of today. I can tell you that I probably won't even touch it tonight so yeah, two pattern repeats behind..which will put me behind schedule. I just needed a break from the routine. I don't think I'm going to knit anything tonight. I have many letters that need responding too..and many beads to put away plus I'm tired! Not only did I receive Crissy's wonderful package in the mail today but I also received my order from Fire Mountain Gems. Packages can brighten up any day if you ask me. ;) Going out tomorrow are this set of stitch markers . Looking for a pic? Tricked ya! I realized that I can't post a pic of them just yet because the receiver of these stitch markers, Danielle, sometimes reads my blog. So everyone's going to have to wait. Sorry..hopefully it won't be too long.


  1. Oooooo, for me? I'll be looking for them, now!

  2. I love st markers, I've just not yet made any bc I know they will become a new obsession!

  3. you tease!

    OK... i havta make some now.. I bought great rings a few weeks ago and when I needed one for the easter baskets... i lazied out and just used the ring which fit wonderfully over my 10.5 and I know may work over the 15 as well :-)

    motivate me, I have the beads, the wires, the rings... what's my problem... oh yeah that's right.. time!


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