Thursday, April 12, 2007

in better spirits

I've been meaning to post ever since I got back from my parents' house but I just wasn't in the right mood! Yesterday marked the end of my weird mood though because today I'm feeling normal again. Yay! It helps that today is technically my Friday and will remain that way for the time being. :)
My poor little niece was sick while we were home for Easter. She wasn't being very photogenic. Don't believe me?
The poor thing even looks sick in these pics! I'm not sure what she had but she was taking two different types of medicine-and one was amoxicillin so I'm guessing she had an ear infection or something. She didn't really have an appetite, she couldn't breathe through her lil nose, she was yelling every chance she got, and of course she was tired and cranky! I was her babysitter Saturday night which is when she really didn't have an appetite so I had to just rock her to sleep with a pacifier in her mouth! Even though she hardly ate Saturday night, she was actually getting better because she wasn't so cranky. She was really good with me-until she had to go back to her parents!!
She went to Easter Mass with us the next morning and unfortunately, we have no pics of this lil munchkin in her Easter outfit. She was freakin' adorable!! :)
As for my sister's knitting lesson, ay yi yi. We had a quick lesson Saturday afternoon before she left for her concert. She went to see The Killers and the Howling Bells. Let's just say, my sister was only able to cast on after our brief lesson. We haven't reconvened for any follow-up lessons because she's a workaholic, remember?? I think she's all but forgotten how to do any kind of knitting whatsoever. It was funny to see the light in her eyes when she saw that she was getting it. She enjoyed casting on and said she'd probably do that for the rest of her life! lol. She had felt a numbness in her arm (the one she writes with no less) and found out that she has tennis elbow. She has to wear a brace and was given meds. It's apparently work-related since she's in front of a computer screen all day long. Poor thing. How will she learn to knit if she's already got a knitting-related ailment?? Sigh...
I realized yesterday that I am burnt out on work. It's that time of year again. And I'm not alone. One my coworkers was saying that she was burnt out and I seconded (is that even a word??) her comment. :P And there's no end for us! We do a summer session with our clients. Another reason why I need a full-time teaching position again!
Speaking of which, I decided last night (whilst I couldn't get back to sleep in a timely fashon) that I know what I want to study when I go back to school. I had been thinking of going back for my reading and language arts specialist credential but now I think I might go for my resource specialist credential. I've looking into what schools offer courses in that and there aren't many here in SoCal. I've emailed two of the schools for more info so we'll see what happens. A reading specialist would only deal with reading issues whereas a resource specialist would work with students in Special Education, or had IEPs. I think what led me to this decision is my work at the Kelter Center. I really like what I do. I like working one-on-one with the students and I like getting feedback on how much they've improved since we first started working together. It's inspiring.
As for knitting news, I finished my so-called scarf. It's been a slow year. I haven't completed many projects! :( I'm still chugging along on thermal. I'm up to 12 inches of the body. I need just three more inches before I start the neck placket. I decided to cast on for one of the sleeves too! I haven't touched my traveling vines scarf but I think I won't have to do 30 pattern repeats after all. It might be more like 25 if I'm lucky. :) I'm up to 21. :] Yay!! Persephone is coming along nicely though I've made a few mistakes and didn't catch them till way after the fact. :P Ariel is now up over on Marie's blog but it just doesn't compare to Persephone! I think if Ariel came before Persephone, I'd feel differently.
I am nearly halfway through with Persephone. No pics though. Maybe once I've gotten further along on thermal!
I am itching to cast on for something new and it's so hard to fight the urge!! I got my yarn for swell. I ordered cascade 220 (in brown and natural) and I am in love with how this yarn feels!
Oh, before I forget! I've started my very own flickr account! So if you've got an account, please add me! I've only got two contacts. :( My sn is goldfishlover. :)


  1. Aww, sorry to read that the little one was sick!

  2. Aww, she's cute even if she was sick. But in that middle picture she sure does look surprised!

    So-called scarf looks good, too.

    The resource specialist thing sounds interesting, I'd never heard of that before. And man, I would so love a break. Sigh.

  3. Poor little munchkin! Too bad you didn't get the pics in her Easter dress! I know what you mean about being slow on projects this year---it seems like I always have something else to do but sit and work on my knitting projects. I've been trying not to start too many--too much guilt! LOL! Glad you liked my tulip pics--thanks for stopping in. Always nice to hear from you! :)

  4. she's still adorable, even when she's sick! : )

    good luck with going back to school/finding a school/etc!

    i'm feeling totally burnt out with school, so i know the feeling... i don't know what i'd do if there wasn't some end (to the spring semester) in sight, though!

  5. Sick or not she's adorable! Going to flickr now - I don't really keep up my acct with others so the contacts I have are b/c people have added me. You will be the first I add!

  6. She's a cutie!

    And don't ya just love the Cascade?! It's one of my favorites!

    I agree, Ariel is nice but Persephone is stunning.

  7. Your niece is still quite cute even if she was not feeling very well :)
    Good luck with all of your knitting...keep plugging ...everything is beautiful :)

    happy knitting :)

  8. She is such a doll. Poor girl, and poor parents, having a sick baby is no fun!

    Your scarf is pretty! Keep going on the sweater. Some day, I'll get around to doing one, too.



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