Sunday, April 15, 2007

where do I even begin??

Hm, good question!! I guess I'll start with these shots:

These two skeins of cascade 220 will eventually become this. I remembered that I hadn't posted any shots of my swift in action! Since I was the only one home on Friday, I couldn't take a pic of the swift and ball winder in action. So, you'll just have to make do with seeing the swift in action and imagine that the yarn is really being wound into cakes. I really love these shots! And ta-da, we have yarn cakes. :) I received these lovely personalized stitchmarkers from Robyn for the stitch marker exchange she hosted. :) She's got another one planned and sign-ups begin May 1st!!!
Here, we have persephone progress. Here's what the scarf looks like right now with just a bit more than half completed. I've been working on it diligently every single day. It has taken me eighteen days to get to more than half so I'm hoping to be done with it in ideally a couple more weeks..and then I can cast on for something new!!!!!!
Here is a better shot of the cable detail in the pattern. Gorgeous! I've been toying with the idea of making a set of fingerless gloves to go with the scarf but we'll see. I think I'll have enough yarn leftover. Right now I'm on cake #3 and one cake knits up at least twelve-thirteen inches so I know I'll need at least 5 cakes and I purchased 6 skeins of yarn. I guess I'll figure it out once I get there.
Lastly, we have the early beginnings of a sleeve for my thermal. I'm at about twelve and a half inches with the body and I'm still trying to get to fifteen!! So, I thought I'd start the sleeve. That twisted rib is the bain of my existence. lol. I'm nearly through with it though and will be able to start the waffle stitch part of the sleeve. I'm still hoping to get to wear it once I finish it so we'll just have to see!


  1. Glad you got the stitch makers - I thought you'd like them!!!

    The scarf for the exchange looks great - I sooo wouldn't want to give that away! LOL

    Yes, do join the next swap too! :)

  2. Pretty yarn cakes, adorable stitch markers, and the scarf is gorgeous!

  3. That scarf is gorgeous! You've done such a nice job on the cables--I would have twisted something in the wrong direction by now! :)

  4. Already on to the sleeve of your really are making head way!!

    happy knitting :)

  5. I love the action shot! Cute markers you got, and the ones you made in the last post are great, as usual!

    Your knitting looks wonderful, too.

  6. That scarf is to die for!

    Great swift action shots, I can never get decent pictures of mine in motion lol.

  7. woah... that persephone is GAWGIOUS... I wouldn't want to part with it... I'm so partial to cables. That one is on my to do list for sure.... I love it!

    Nice stitch markers..

    Don't you love the swift and skein winder. I wouldn't want to give mine up!


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