Thursday, April 5, 2007

knitterly progress

I thought that some inquiring minds would want to see how things were going with the projects I've been working on as of late. I didn't snap any photos of thermal because, it hasn't grown that much since you last saw it! Here, before you, is my so-called scarf thus far. It is almost complete. I hope it get it done if not tonight at least by the time I get back from visiting my family!
Persephone is growing and turning into a magnificent thing, don't you agree? I've finally found my goove with her. I switched over to using circs and it's much easier. I went back up to size 5s too. The pattern is coming out so nicely! I kinda want to keep it for myself! :O
And last but not least, we have my traveling vines scarf. I am one pattern repeat from finishing-if I stuck with the pattern. I want to make it longer and I think I am going to go for maybe 10 more pattern repeats. It's gorgeous. Even unblocked I think it's beautiful. I can't imagine how it'll look once completed and blocked!
I leave you with this, a close up of the pattern stitch in my traveling vines scarf. :)


  1. G-girl, your scarves ALL look gorgeous! I don't think I could pick which one I like best! ;)


  2. wow, such progress! everything looks great! : )

  3. All look great. My fave - is the red scarf. Gorgeous!

  4. What's the yarn you're using for Your So Called Scarf? It's super pretty (so I need to know what it is so I can get some of my own!)

  5. Great progress! Very pretty :)

    happy knitting :)

  6. is that the whole list of WIPs? You're going along well.
    and bye the bye there's a freebie pattern foe wristwarmers that match your travelling vine scarf over on my Blog if you're interested.


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