Wednesday, April 4, 2007

stitch markers galore!

I worked on these on Monday, after finding out that I didn't have to go in to work that day. :)
I worked on all of these today.

I mailed off a set of stitch markers today. Tomorrow I will finally be mailing off my first package to my sp and another set of stitch markers will go out (hopefully!). I will still have one more set that I need to send off but I need to figure out if I'm going to make them a different set or pick from the sets I've made in the last two days to send out to her. Decisions, decisions.
I've been knitting a bit here and there but not as much as I should be with all these free time on my hands. No. Instead, I'm sitting right here in front of the computer,keeping up on blogs, looking @ yarn, etc.
Oh, I did get this in the mail yesterday for my sp. :)I wasn't expecting such a blue explosion. I hope she likes it. It is Colinette Jitterbug color Jewel. It's going to go in either her second or final package from me. :) I'm still waiting on some of the books I ordered from Amazon to get here as well.
You know that snap preview feature-the one that is on some blogs and when you drag your cursor over a link it provides a preview to the link? I signed up for it! Here, I thought it was only available to people who had typepad or wordpress but I was mistaken. Someone on blogger had it so I clicked on their link and voila. :) It's the little things that bring joy, you know? ;)


  1. I Love the colinette, I think it's the same colorway I got a few months back.

    I love love the red set of stitch markers (LOL, hint hint?)

  2. all of your stitch markers are beautiful! : )

  3. So many stitch markers--you are a whiz! They all look great!

    Thanks for the link to the snap preview! I also thought that it was a feature of typepad or wordpress. I love that thing!


  4. Pretty yarn! Great job on the stitch markers, they're gorgeous!

    That preview thing is neat. I might have to look into it, too.

  5. WARNING! When this whole SP thing is over, I am SO going to be begging you for a set of those gorgeous stitchmarkers! They rock!

  6. Very pretty yarn and stitch markers :)


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