Monday, August 20, 2007

my first day

I'm home from my 'first day' at my new job. We didn't really do much. We went to Joann's to pick up some fabric and ribbon for the bulletin boards. We went over the curriculum for the year (the main themes that we cover). We talked about splitting up math and reading-we're going to have to do this in small groups. My first day of training isn't until Wednesday. It's a nice lil commute. I should've brought my camera this morning so you can see what my view will be every morning. Put it this way, I"ll get to drive by the beach twice a day. I'm home early because all the fabric we bought--wrinkled. I volunteered to iron it all since I have to steam my sleeve once it's all done. I'm about 2 hours away from completing my second and final sleeve! Talk about exciting. I can't wait to cast on for something new. I'm so tempted to pick up the needles I need to start green gable but I. must. wait. sigh. Yesterday, my fiance and I made it down to the Fabulous Fiber Fest. I stupidly forgot my camera. There were worms..which were so unbelievably soft, chinchillas, lots of quilters, quilted art which was absolutely beautiful, lots of spinners, fiber, and yarn! I walked out of there without buying one thing. They had Lisa Souza there! There was a guy with glass circular needles! There was a table where they had possibly any and every fiber/bead related book ever written and I came away with nothing. Nothing really called out to me. Plus, being broke didn't help. I think if I had money to spend, I probably wouldn't have bought anything--well, except for a drop spindle. My fiance has been wanting to learn how to use a drop spindle ever since he saw how to make a drop spindle on Knitty Gritty. He bought the dowels but that's as far as he went. He actually got to try it out when we were at the Gosh Yarn It booth. The gal said he was a natural. He picked up a bit of roving but now drop spindle. :( Yet. No new pic of my last sleeve..though like I said, it's almost done!! I can't believe it. I need to get off this computer already, start some ironing, and then get knitting..maybe not in that particular order! Oh yeah, before I forget, I was invited to join this kal: Campanula for the Cure-Along. There is a gorgeous lace sock pattern up and to get it, Ramona asks that you make a donation.


  1. So now i know when you start school :)

    Drop that sounds interesting...

    happy knitting and back to school :)

  2. Happy back to school--and knitting--can't wait to see that second sleeve--the first looks great--and that fiber festival sounds great too!

  3. Happy back to school! I can't believe you sent to a fiber festival and didn't see anything you liked...I usually have the opposite problem - I see way too much that I like!

  4. Yay! Your first day, how neat! Driving by the beach is awesome, too.

    I've really been loving the spindle I got. Those ones at the Gosh Yarn It site are pretty, but a little pricey. Augh! What an expensive addiction! LOL

  5. My downstream monkey sock swap pal went to the fiber fest too :D

    Welcome back to school!

  6. wait, the worms were soft? That sounds kinda gross, I must admit.

    Glad school is going well for you so far!


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