Saturday, August 4, 2007

showing off

I should've posted this sooner but I've been busy working on sub plans for the week I'm out @ work. Looky what I received in the mail the other day!A very cool sock dpn case and a set of stitch markers to boot! I ordered this from Robyn who by the way, just opened up her own online shop called Robyn's Nest. Check it out! She's having a grand opening sale!! She's got a sock club starting up in September and there are only 20 spots well, possibly 19 now if not less!). Not only do you get a gorgeous colorway but you also get a set of stitch markers and a pattern!! How awesome is that?? And it's so inexpensive!! Here's the sock dpn sideways. lol. I've got only one needle in it but it can hold up to 4 sets. I absolutely love the colors and the fabric--I let her choose for me. :) Thanks again, Robyn!!Here's a close-up of the cute stitch markers that came with my case!
And now for what you all might've been waiting for, more progress on my hedera socks. :)It's almost done!! I stayed up to finish working on the gusset last night. I was listening/watching "The Two Coreys" as I worked on the gusset. Who else needs a reality show? How about one for Courtney Love? lol.
Here's the front view of my hedera sock. :)
And here's another side view of my sock. I will probably finish it tonight and cast on for the second sock tomorrow. I tried working on my chevron scarf after working on the sock for a while and it was soooooo hard to transition from a size 1 dpn to a size 5 straight. It felt too weird so I just went back to my sock! I think once I've finished the pair, I'll work a bit on my chevron and hopefully finish it. I haven't touched my diamond fantasy shawl since I started hedera. So it'll be awhile. Thermal is still waiting on completed sleeves--that yarn is too thick for me to work with right now. Hence the reason it's still on hold but one day soon it'll be complete and I'll get to wear it in the appropriate season!


  1. Hedera is so pretty! That's definitely going on my list.

    I'm digging the Two Corey's, too, though I can see it getting old soon.

  2. Your sock looks so good!! I don't have TV and it's not on here anyway, but I'm sort of fascinated that the two Corey's are trying to make some sort of comeback. It's been nearly 20 years since they were something!

  3. Your hedera sock(s) look great. For size 1 needles they seem to be working up fast! Have to keep that pattern in mind, once I graduate to more complicated and smaller needle socks!

  4. Very pretty sock - I can't believe how fast they are knitting up!

  5. Socks are lookin' gooood! I just ordered some yummies from Robyn, too, and did the sock club! I'm so excited for her!

  6. Great job on the sock! What a neat little case, and the st. markers are just your color, aren't they?

  7. Love the Hedera and the colors you're using too! Awesome....! I love greens too.

    Glad you like my DPN case! Use it well!



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