Tuesday, August 21, 2007

second yarn pirate shipment!

Here's what was in the box.. And here's what was under that hot pink tissue! And here are some stitch markers I worked on over the weekend..they're in need of rings but they're pretty much done. I hadn't made a set in a really long time!! I wasn't feelin' the stitch marker vibe until recently. :)
Today was day 2 at my new job..what kind of weird actually enjoys the drive to work?? The drive back home wasn't too bad..I think I made it home in 20 minutes (and this is with traffic). Not too bad. I learned that the new 1st grade teacher has an hour commute. I couldn't imagine. The longest my commute has ever been to work or back home from work was a half hour. I don't know how people can commute that far.
We did three visits today. Two were school visits and the third one was a home visit. The home visit was by far, my favorite. The student lived in an enormous house and he was amazing. Do you know any five-year-olds who play the bongos or guitar?? And have a favorite truck that plays, "We Will Rock You?" I do. :) It was very clear that our boy is very musically inclined. I noticed today that I was able to pick up more on what kind of a learner he was but I couldn't get much out of the other two. Though the boy who came today is very mathematical. He showed me 'half past five' on the big judy clock! I couldn't even tell time myself until 1st or 2nd grade!!
There was very little knitting done today. I was able to squeeze in about 5 minutes @ the end of our little lunch break. I'mthisclose to being done with my second sleeve!! I think I only have 2 more pattern repeats and that's it. I can block it tomorrow and seam it Thursday. In the meantime, who's ready for some socks?? ;)


  1. That yarn looks yummy.

    Your stitch markers are so cute!

    I use to commute 45 minutes to a job through some pretty country side and I really enjoyed it during the summer when the wild flowers were blooming.

  2. The yarn is gorgeous! I really love the variety of stitch markers you have also!

  3. You do have a wonderful commute. When I worked in Boston it would take me an hour plus depending on the traffic and dealing with the Boston drivers wasn't much fun! Good luck with your new job :)

  4. can't wait to see thermal finished! : )

  5. The yarn is gorgeous! I commute two hours each way to my job (door to door). So I can't imagine having a 20 minute commute - heaven!

  6. Yay, new yarn!
    Congrats on the sleeve, you're almost there!!
    Super cute stitch markers. They're all so pretty.

  7. Gosh, I am jealous: that YP yarn is beautiful!

    In december I'm moving 2.5 hours away from my school. Fortunately I won't have to go in more than two or three times a week, otherwise I think it would kill me.

  8. Gorgeous stash!! I love that yarn!!! And the stitch markers are beauteous!!


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