Monday, August 6, 2007

my reward

I'm allowing myself to blog because I have pretty much done all my sub plans! I just have to start filling out my hand-off forms and I have to email my sub about her students and I should be all set. It's weird thinking that this is my last week at the Kelter Center. I don't know if it's going to be my last week forever or just for now.
Here I am modeling my lace shrug and my thermal tank. lol. I wanted to see what the shrug looked like with something solid because it can't be worn with something striped or patterned (@ least I don't think!). And since no one has seen my thermal since I finished the body, I thought why not. Please forgive the fact that I haven't sewn in any buttons hence all that yarn bunched up above my chest. It actually looks pretty good. I'm too lazy to work on the sleeves though I know I'll be able to wear it soon should I finish it!
I experimented with steam blocking Saturday night. I steam blocked my shrug, my thermal, and my chevron (what I've knitted so far). I had never steam blocked before so I thought I'd try it out. I kinda like it.
And now, here's my first finished hedera. I'm nearly to the gusset with the second sock so I should have a finished pair soon enough. Now, is it me or is the second sock normally knitted tighter and the first sock knitted looser? That's what I've noticed I've been doing. :P My first sock is a bit loose on me (I think I might've done one round too many for the gusset). Oh well, good thing socks come in pairs. lol. I started looking through my stash a bit this morning to figure out what I'm going to use for a pair of thujas. :) I also started wondering what pattern to use for the skein of tofutsies I've got..


  1. All very nice! But what does the back of the shrug look like? Oops- don't hurt yourself trying to take that picture! Thermal is looking good, too.

  2. cute shrug! thermal is coming along nicely and it looks like it should be done before it gets cold again, hopefully! : )

  3. Very nice! I really like those colors you've chosen for your projects.

  4. Very pretty shrug! What pattern is it? Thermal is looking great too! And of course - love the socks (and mine usually end up slightly bigger/smaller than the other one too).

  5. Wow! Your shrug looks so cute. So does your sock. They're both almost done, yay you!

    Pretty soon the weather will be changing :( then you'll feel like finishing your thermal.

  6. I love your thermal!! It is a very pretty stitch pattern...hurry up and finish the sleeves...I can't wait!

    happy knitting :)


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