Saturday, August 11, 2007


My socks are complete! :) There's a pic posted in my other blog for you all to see. I would totally make these again if I had the right yarn again. :) I started working on my sleeves for thermal. I reread the pattern for the sleeves and I think I was doing them wrong so I frogged a couple times but now I'm on track--if only I could remember what round I left off on once I get back to the sleeve. I'm going to try magic loop with the other sleeve. I'm determined. Here's a suggestion for you all. It's not a good idea to work on a lace project while watching Disturbia. I hadn't touched my dfs in at least a couple of weeks. I wasn't quite sure if the row # I had written down was really the one I was supposed to start on. I also noticed that a couple of rows before my lifeline, there was a boo boo or two--or it could've just been the bad lighting. Needless to say, the dfs is dead for now until I can find the time to really devote to it. In the meantime, I need something quick. I was considering casting on for a swell for myself sans the earflaps but I need to finish thermal. So, right now, I only have two things on the needles-thermal sleeves and my chevron scarf. Wow. Though I did have my sister wind some yarn last night to make a pair of thujas...


  1. Oh no! I especially like having a knitting project during scary movies - it's something for me to hide behind!

  2. If I haven't seen the movie and I really want to pay attention, I don't knit! I'll probably get in trouble for saying that, but it's true. Bad blogger. Hehe

  3. Very pretty socks! I can't watch most things while doing lace - I still have to really focus.

  4. Good luck with all your projects :)
    Somethings just need more concentration than others...I know the feeling ;)

    happy knitting :)


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