Saturday, August 25, 2007

what's been goin' on

wow, I just noticed a new feature...I can add video here now. Cool. Well, I survived my first week of 'work.' We've got almost two weeks before the students actually come. This past week was full of training in the morning and home/school visits in the afternoon. I have to tell you that I enjoy going into work everyday-not just because of my commute but my coworkers are awesome. I was telling my fiance this morning that one other great thing about my school is everyone is so positive. Everyone is very supportive of one another as well. I actually feel as though I'm a part of something good. I also feel comfortable enough to participate in whole group discussions. I have to say, I don't usually participate in them. I usually sit back and just listen, taking it all in. Part of the reason I feel comfortable enough to share and participate is because I don't feel threatened at all. Everyone values every one else's opinion. Can somebody pinch me please??
Well, thermal is off the needles and waiting patiently to be blocked and seamed. That's not happening anytime soon. Especially since I have spent a good chunk of my day on ravelry but I'm done now cataloging everything and am way, way burnt out now. Do you know I was supposed to get my homework done for work??? I was given an article to read called "Teaching Transitions" and we were given a book to read over the summer (the packet that went to my partner's house!). The book is the latest from Howard Gardner-Five Minds for the Future. One of my coworkers said it was really dry and she only got through the first 2 chapters and that a lot of the stuff just went over her head. I've only read maybe a paragraph but I'm actually excited to read it. We'll see how much I get through between today and Tuesday since we won't be discussing the book until Tuesday.
I started two socks this past week. I cast on for a pair of thujas for my fiance. I decided to use my rum runner for a pair of mad color weave socks.
At first, I was a bit concerned with how the rum runner would knit up. I'm still on the fence about whether or not I like how it's knitting up as a mad color weave sock.
Okay, my homework is calling to me!!


  1. Sounds like you found the perfect job! Very cute socks and thanks for the link to the mad color weave pattern!

  2. Good luck getting your homework done. Glad you are enjoying work. It isn't work if you enjoy it and that's good :)
    Yay for you finishing your thermal and good luck putting it together.Your socks are just wonderful! I love the rum runner colorway.

    happy knitting :)

  3. What a cool sock pattern! I think the rum runner looks good.

  4. wow! sounds like you landed a really great job! i'm excited for you!

    you better not put off blocking thermal for too long! i'm waiting to see it. : )

  5. Yeah, I want to see thermal, too! Hehe

    Great socks. I like how the rum runner is knitting up. Pretty!


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