Wednesday, November 8, 2006

my first toe-up!

Wow! It looks so impressive when photographed. :) Despite the intense heat, I started my first pair of toe-up socks. :) I casted on for the toe twice though because I didn't follow the directions well for the rectangular toe. Next I will try the figure 8 cast-on which doesn't look too bad (@ least the more I look @ the pics!). I am using Paton's Kroy Socks Yarn that I found in my closet! :) Boy, did I luck out! I don't like the needles I am using. They are super bendy and right now I could use something rigid. They're super pointy too! My besotted is 42 inches right now. :) I haven't worked on it today yet. I am only 30 inches away from completion (if I stick with 72 in. length!)What do you think? I'm starting to pick up on some cool patterns that are popping up. I tell you, with each passing day, this scarf becomes more and more amazing! And to think I didn't like it in the beginning! I've been seeing more besotteds with variegated yarn and they're all so different! I'm debating on when I'm going to begin my solid color besotted. Last night I thought about how maybe I should take a knitting break after I finish mostly everything I've started. We'll see. I'll keep up with my dishcloths but maybe just stick with those for a bit. I tried to work on the fingerless gloves and I'm having a hard time. I'm thinking it's the needles I'm using. I got a pair of baleen dpns and I don't think they're the right needles for this tlc cotton plus yarn. :P I don't want to frog the damn things again so they're just sitting on my living room floor by the couch! :( I got my budget plan back and who knew I had done so poorly on it! :( Somewhere along the way btwn me getting my teaching credential and teaching in an elementary school for a few years, I became a bad student! Oh well. I didn't do so well on that midterm I didn't feel like studying for either. We've got a midterm and a final left plus one more project. I hope I did okay on the floor plan @ least! In a way I don't care how I do because I feel it will be a reflection of the teaching done. This is the first class I've taken after having my own classroom though so that may be a part of it as well. I really wish I knew where to complain though. This shouldn't go on. People are paying money for this woman to read aloud from our textbook to us. My 5 min. of fame took place yesterday and I think I did very well. The director of the program really liked me from the moment she laid eyes on me. I told my fiance that this woman could become my guru. She's the one that started the whole place which specializes in individualized instruction in mathematics, literacy, and there's this other program where they actually teach students how to focus and stuff. It all sounds amazing and the programs used are ones you only hear about as you're going through your teaching program! She said I'd be hearing back from them soon for my second interview. ETA: I just got a call for my second interview!!!! I'm going on Friday. :) The position wouldn't begin until January which is actually perfect. Then there's the possibility of subbing @ this shi-shi private school in the Palisades, so things are looking up on the job front. :) The yarn is starting to call out to me..and I'm talking about not knitting for a while?? I have an interview tomorrow with this teacher placement agency I applied to. Things are looking up on the job front. :) I knew everything would work itself out eventually but the waiting sucks!


  1. Good sock toe! I love the pics of your besotted. I think the colors are amazing!

    Good luck Friday!

  2. Besotted looks awesome, the toe-ups are going awesome and you will be awesome at that job!

  3. Besotted is looking awesome!!! Good for you on the toe-ups. I keep saying I'm going to learn, but I can't get past the cable cast on. And good luck to you on the job front. I know good things are going to happen for you!!

  4. Your besotted is beautiful! I made one for the international scarf exchange and wasn't too happy with it.

  5. Good luck on your interview!
    Your besotted is just stunning - did the yarn go and do that all by itself? And you'll love toe-up socks - they're my favorite method :D


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