Monday, November 20, 2006

I did it again...

Now yesterday, I showed off how pretty my dishcloth for the monthly dishcloth group was coming along and my fiance says to me, "I could tell you how to finish that, you know.." And my response was, "I could figure it out too but I have to wait to see how many more bobbles we need to put in!" So I finished it just now. How horrible am I??????? It was pretty easy. To see it in it's finished state, go here. I haven't put it up yet but it should be up by the time everyone reads this post! I'm going to get started on another one. I absolutely love, love, love this cloth. I think it is the most beautiful one I've made! I'm going to try that fifty cent yarn I picked up about a week ago because poinsettias aren't just red anymore. Oooh, I'm going to have fun with this pattern! :) Here's an aside..I just got a call from the Kelter Center (where I wasn't sure if I really had a job there or not because I have yet to sign anything!!) and the director was just calling to touch base with me and let me know what was going on with the trainings (remember the 100 hours I have to do for FREE??). Her goal is to start next Sunday. Oh gosh..I just realized that I have a freakin' paper due the next day. GREAT. Talk about timing. Guess I'll have to have that paper done way before Sunday then. I saw an ad on Craig's List for a 4th grade position at the elementary school in Pacific Palisades (which is adjacent to where I was last week!) and I was too chicken to apply. I came back on the computer to apply (I got my courage up and managed to go over the chapters for my test!) but before I was going to apply, I wanted to check out more about the school. They don't have their own website but they were listed on Great Schools and would you believe it says they have 36 children in their 4th grade class????????????????????? No thanks.


  1. Guess I got to your post too quickly---picture of poinsettia cloth not posted yet! Looking forward to seeing it, so I'll check back. I'm amazed at how quickly you can whip those things out! LOL! I belong to the Dishcloth KAL also, but lately on some of the cloths, I have been waiting until the pattern is done, cuz there are some I don't really want to do before I see them...

  2. Your cloth looks so pretty!
    36 kids in one class? No way indeed!

  3. I really love your pointsettia cloth and I really would love to have the pattern! Will your Monthly Dishcloth group be posting the pattern or do I need to join to get my hands on it?
    (ha ha...hope I don't sound desperate! ...I really love it though!)

    Happy knitting :)


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