Friday, November 10, 2006

Guess what I now own!!!!

:) I posted a topic on KR about what were some suggestions for a good stitchionary to start off with. I got a bunch of responses and they were of course singing the praises of the Barbara Walker Treasuries and the Vogue stitchionaries. I looked them up online and they were a bit much for me to purchase right now-since I'm unemployed! I figured I would just put them on my Christmas list and wait it out. Well, this woman posted an ad on Craig's List about how she was having a huge yarn liquidation sale. Yes, I shouldn't spend money. Yes, I love me everything knitting-related! I called and scheduled an appt. for this afternoon! So not only did I have that second interview to go to but I also had a yarn shop to go peruse. :) This is what I came back with. There was a lot of yarn but from what I saw, there weren't multiple skeins of things. Who wants to purchase just one skein of I dunno...noro cash iro? She had needles but the place was so freakin' dusty. Both my fiance and I have allergies. He wanted to just get out of there but waited patiently. I looked through the yarns. The needles were all boxed up. She had Addi Turbos!!!!!! They were nice..nothing was priced so you had to ask her how much this or that was. It was a pain particularly when she was asked, she would respond with, "They're suggested retail plus an additional 25% off." Thanks a lot lady. I went over to the bookshelf and spied A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and told my fiance that I had to have it! We asked how much it was, she didn't know and would have to look it up. She asked if I had seen the first one and I said no but I had heard that both of them were important to have in one's library. She leaves the room and brings out A Treasury of Knitting Patterns! I had my fiance leaf through it. We got them for a good price-especially since I've looked for them both online and they're listed as $30. Her house (yes, her house! Her yarn shop is in her house!) was filled with yarn. It was a bit of a mess. Nice neighborhood though. I had heard of her shop before but never took the time out to go to it. When we spoke on the phone she said she'd probably be still trying to get rid of yarn for the next 2-3 mos. Well, she wasn't very forthcoming with the stuff. Okay, thank you for all the wonderful comments on besotted! :) It's really coming along. I'm a bit behind for today though. I don't think I got in my 3 inches. I'll have to measure it later. I want to make a besotted beanie. I thought about this last night because I'm more than likely going to have one entire skein left over. I thought about making a beanie with the entire design but I thought that would be too much. So I decided maybe I'd just have a band of the xoxo and the rest stockinette. We'll see. It's still in the works..and since I now own the treasuries, I saw the original inspiration for the besotted-the Oxox pattern. :) Stephanie asked if the yarn went and did that all by itself. The answer is yes! I'm not smart enough in regards to knitting to figure out how to make a yarn do that. I think I'd be a genius if I could though. All I've been knitting is the besotted. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I need to tone down the knitting a bit. Especially since I cut into my thumb last night while I was slicing onions with a sharp knife! My favorite knife was broken by someone the other day so I've been relegated to using a knife that is sharp enough to hurt me! It was strange knitting with a band-aid on. I did some knitting while waiting in Bloomingdale's. Someone in blogland posted about balls of yarn in a Tiffany display and I saw that display at the Tiffany's at the Century City mall! I'm going to have to learn to take a camera everywhere I go. I wanted to post a picture of it for all of blogland! :( My sister's building is connected to the mall so maybe if I ask her she'll remember to snap a pic for us all. :D Now for the non-knitterly stuff. I had my second interview today which consisted of a phonemic awareness test which is a test to test my knowledge of letter sounds, hearing, as well as listening skills. All kids take it. She gave it to me because if a potential teacher there couldn't do well at this test, how would they be able to hear when a student was making a mistake and how would they be able to help correct it. Then we talked salary, how they might want me to do both literacy and math (!), hours which would range from 8-20. It just depended on how quickly I acclimated to the program and stuff. She suggested I come in and observe. She wants me to come in on a Saturday because the other math guy comes then. She also suggested I come afterschool to observe some of the current teachers. She said I'd definitely have kids in January-probably sooner. I did the math in the car (ha!) and the money I'd earn just working 24 hours a month wasn't too bad. If I worked 20 hours, the eyebrows started going up. I was thinking about trying to figure out what my hourly wage was last year (I was on salary) but that was just too much math. I have to provide my references and she said we'd be in touch next week. So....I have a job right?? Or at least I almost have one? Yesterday's interview was cool. The office of the placement agency is located in a house in Encino. I had never been to Encino until yesterday. When I think of Encino, I think of Encino man. lol. We got there way early (an hour!) so we had breakfast. I saw a yarn store!!! We didn't get a chance to check it out though. I always like going into new yarn stores and I do a comparison of all the ones I've been to. From yesterday's interview, I learned that I'd do well in a non-traditional school where I could wear whatever I wanted (thank you!) and the kids would maybe call me by my first name (who cares!). We'll see what happens with the placement agency. They have a job fair in February. I'm applying to the public school districts in January (ish) so I'm bound to find a full-time job someplace for next school year. Oh, the house was really nice. The backyard had a pool, a guest house (where the office was) a fountain, and two giraffe statues made of scrap metal I think. And they had a golden retriever, Charlie. :) Keep your fingers crossed! And I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)


  1. Good loot! It sounds like you're gettting great vibes on the job front too!

  2. Yeah, good books! Still sending good vibes on the job-i-ness. Go girl!

  3. great find! Good luck on the job front.

    Hey if you want to know anything in the stitchionary, I can look it up for you. DH got me VOLs 1 &2 for our anniversary. I love them...

    BTW thanks for pointing me in the right direction blogwise.. I tweaked a bit last night and it's starting to actually look like a blog

    Oh and you've been blogrolled :-)

  4. I LOVE the pond pic. Awesome koi. Checked out your finished prodjects. Boy, can you kint. What an assortment you have done. I'm new at this and am trying to get through a sock that Arleta is teaching me to kint. Just wish I had more TIME:) Keep on knitting!

  5. Lucky you...those books are on my Christmas list. Good luck with getting the job!


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