Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Started something new

I finished the darrell waltrip cloth on my way to see where exactly this school I'm going to be at tomorrow is. I had imagined that it was in the middle of nowhere in a secluded area but boy was I wrong! It's actually surrounded by neighboring schools and an avenue of cute shops. It doesn't even look like a school! The school next door is awesome. It's called Village School for Arts and Athletics and there was an astro turf yard in front! I have started working on the airplane washcloth for my fiancé. I started on it while we were driving around Pacific Palisades and trying to make our way back home. We swung by Wildfiber because we were in the area and I picked up some more of those lil cards where you can mark off which needles you already own. So AR, I've got two with your name on them. I had my fiancé go to the counter and grab a few while I perused the yarn. :) To see my waltrip cloth, you know where to go.


  1. Yay, thanks! Your stuff will be coming soon! :)

    So, it looks like a good place to work for a bit? Maybe you could go next door and teach knitting for arts. Wouldn't that be fun?

    I clicked the go, but got an error message. Gonna go try again!

  2. There is actually a tiny knitting shop called Spinning Yarns right in the Palisades. It's on Via De La Paz, and there's a sign on the street that leads you through a small hallway to the shop.
    Here's their website.


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