Saturday, November 18, 2006

guess what!

Okay, I have just spent the last few hours working on updating my other blog. It is now complete and up-to-date. In fact, it's more up-to-date than my knitting book that I have here @ home! The wonders of technology! No pictures in this post but I'm sure there'll be some in the next one. I am almost through with the airplane cloth. I've got 12 more rows to do. I'm going to start on the monthly dishcloth kal. I thought I knew what it was but I was mistaken. I'm definitely not going to work on the Christmas bell for the dishcloth fun kal. I'm just not in the mood to make a bell. I've been thinking about casting on for my besotted headband too. Can you tell I'm a great procrastinator? Don't think I haven't forgotten about my midterm this coming Monday that I've barely had a chance to study for! :P Now that I've updated my other blog and am now posting on this one, there's really not much else left for me to do other than study! :P Ohh, I do have to tell you about yesterday though! Every Friday at the school I was subbing at, they do something called "Kuyam." It is a whole school assembly, held outdoors and there's a band which I learned is composed of parents! I absolutely loved Kuyam. If I were a Kindergartener and my parents were going to send me to that school for my entire elementary education, I don't know how I'd cope @ a middle school that didn't have this! The band played and it's also a time to talk about community projects that students/classes have going on. Well, during Kuyam, I was looking around and guess what I saw...I saw two baskets of roving on a picnic table behind some women. Leave it to a knitter to find something kniting-related to admire! Not only am I a procrastinator but I've also become attention-challenged over the years and I could not help but look over @ the roving and the women near it every chance I got! I was trying to see feel a moment to get up and find out who it all belonged to but that moment never came. :( I was itching just to get up and touch it all!!!!!!!! Kuyam ended, I had to go to class with the 4th graders. I thoroughly enjoyed being with them yesterday. I think I had more fun with them than I did with the Kindergarteners from the day before. I did see the Kindergarteners though and they were happy to see me! :) Anyway, I have to continue my roving story. The kids were going to do flower arranging with a parent and the Science teacher. Both myself, and their teacher went with them. Their 'main' teacher was out of the class doing quarterly reading assessments so the asst. teacher took over and I subbed as her asst. So the both of us went with the class during Science. Now, this woman had remarked that she needed time to prep, etc. but she stayed with us. She totally could've just left them with me, the Science teacher, and the parent, but she hung out and stressed herself out thinking about the prep she needed to do. She was nervous just leaving me alone with them for a minute when she ran out to go pick up a print-out she had made!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm making this longer than it needs to be! so they're going to do flower arranging and I ask the science teacher what exactly she needs me to do and she says she just needs me to make sure they don't hurt themselves. Now, I asked her what she needed from me because the roving was still on the picnic bench but this time, there was a group of women and they were needle felting. Here I was, suffering if you ask me, when I could've been needle felting too!!!!!!!! Lol. After the Science teacher said I just needed to keep my eye out for any problems with the kids, I asked if I could just go up (as I motioned towards the ladies with roving!) really quick to see what those ladies were doing. She said it was fine and that's exactly what I did! I wish I had had my camera with me yesterday but I'll just have to describe what they were doing. They were needle felting gourds! I explained to the woman that I had been eyeing the roving since Kuyam and I so desperately wanted to know what was going to happen to all the roving but I had to go to class. She asked if I had ever needle felted before and I told her I hadn't but that I had seen it done. A lot of the moms were first timers and I was so full of jealousy because I couldn't take a seat and join them. I had to watch the 4th graders. Well, it turns out that the one in charge of the needle felting was a parent to one of the 4th graders I got to spend time with because @ the end of the day, the daughter was responsible for bringing the basket of leftover roving home! I picked her brain about her mother's knitting activities and where she gets her roving! lol. Is that bad?? I regret not taking some home! Oh well. And that was my day. I hope that they call me to go back there. I'm hoping maybe not again until after next year but we'll see. Apparently, since I'm an 'independent contractor,' they don't take out any taxes from what they pay me and I don't want to have to owe money. That's going to suck!!


  1. Hi! thanx for the words about Besotted. As a matter of fact, today i figured out how many sequences of 16 rows I need to do each day in order to finish in the next couple of least 2 per day.

    I think teaching kindergarten sounds fun. Especially the crafts :)

  2. Cool! I wondered if you'd have any knitterly things happen at the school. Sounds like you had a good time teaching. Kids can be cute! (for little bits at a time) LOL! Just kidding!

    Your "other blog" is great. I need to find and organize all my pics, and try to get an FO gallery going, too!

  3. You have been bitten by the needle felting bug. Be careful, the illness quickly moves from a passion to an obsession. MUST HAVE MORE ROVING... gasp...


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