Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's done!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read correctly. It's done. What's done? Why, my besotted is done-early in fact! I don't know how I managed it. I guess sitting and waiting @ the Volkswagen dealership for 3 plus hours (for an oil change mind you!) did it! I somehow managed to get 8 inches knitted up while we were there watching Tyra and Montel Williams! I completed it last night. Here is my fiancé modeling it this morning. The second shot is so you can see the detail. He wanted me to add tassels to it but I told him it'd be too long and the tassels would get caught btwn his legs becaue the tassels on my IHS do that to me! Oh and yes, CPS, it's the yarn doing all of that fancy patterning. I wouldn't even know how to do that on my own! I am almost done with the infamous darrell waltrip cloth. I'm thinking of casting on for a besotted headband. I haven't seen a pattern out there but I've seen a pattern for an Irishing Hiking headband and I'm going to use that as my model. There's a new kal up at the dishcloth fun kal blog. It's a Christmas bell. I don't have any Christmas green and the pattern says that it could be used for a wedding shower gift. I know two people getting married next year but I don't think either one would like one of these! So I'm still debating on whether or not I'm going to do this one. I have yet to sit a kal out. Tomorrow, the new kal will be up for my other dishcloth group! Firefly is hosting a knit for charity called Project Gracious Parcels 2006. I'm going to be participating in that. I've got some stash I could use possibly. She just told me it's going to be on-going so even better! :) There's a gift exchange @ KR. I can't wait! It's going to go past Christmas Day so that makes it all the better. What else is going on? Tomorrow is my first day as a substitute teacher! I've been talking to AR this morning and I'm going to miss that tomorrow and the next day. I'm going to be so behind with blogs, emails, etc. It's too bad we can't get paid to blog/email back and forth! Oh goodness, and then next week, we're going home for Thanksgiving so I'll be even more behind with everything! Ay yi yi. We are leaving late Tuesday evening so I'll @ least have Tuesday. I've got another midterm this coming Monday but this time I'm going to try to devote more time to studying. How when I'm actually going to be working tomorrow and Friday, I couldn't even tell you! I started to study last night though and will try to get more studying in before I go to bed tonight. I think I'm going to bring both knitting and my textbook so I can study while I'm at the school tomorrow. I think I get an hour lunchbreak. It only takes me 5-10 min. to eat. What in the world will I do with the rest of that time?? So I figured I'd knit and study. I thought about bringing my laptop but I think they'd have a hard time tearing me away from it. I have to say though-I watched the last half hour of "Dancing with the Stars" because I knew it was the last night and the winner would be selected tonight plus my fiancé had watched some snippets of it one night. Anyway, I was cracking up during the freestyle dances. I thought it was hilarious that they both took it back old school and did "U Can't Touch This" as well as "It Takes Two!" I wonder who'll win. I know they've never had a tie. I think it'd be nice if they did. I watched the first season (not all of it but the last few episodes because of my mother) and being the General Hospital watcher that I am, it's funny to me to see Sam (I don't remember her real name!), the first winner of "Dancing with the Stars" on a daily basis. Did you all see Joey McIntyre in the audience? haha. He was the reason I wanted to see the first season. I managed to see the episode where he got kicked off but @ least I saw him, right?Anyway, hope everyone has a happy Wednesday.


  1. Your besotted is fabulous. Very nice job!
    Glad the sub job worked out :)

  2. I love your besotted. Was the yarn supposed to do that, or was it luck? It looks super!

    I'll miss it, too, but you can always mail me, and I'll mail ya back when we've got time!

    I'm going to get behind on my blog reading and posting, (as if I'm not already!) during the holidays, too.

    Have a great time at work!! :)

  3. Just love that besotted!! Your life is starting to sound a lot like mine:) Run, run,run. Haven't had time to post for two days and this will be my third evening out this week. Did manage to get my sock to where I only have to do the toe:) I hope your teaching goes wonderful and that you really like it.
    Keep on kinittng:)


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