Thursday, November 9, 2006

Please check this out!

If you love knitting with all your heart, you must go here because there appears to be some football head badmouthing knitting. Who would dare do such a thing?? Leave a comment and let him know that there's an army of us in blogland!


  1. I left a comment. I should send all of my knitty friends, too.

  2. not a comment about today's post, but rather a question. How do you put the progress bars in? I've tried a bunch of times and I must be blogger challenged or something.. Also what do you use to post the pictures for your links withouth linking it back to the original source?

    Thanks for any help....
    I thought I knew the cloth, but it's not the pattern I thought it was... some kind of T. though I'm sure!

  3. g-girl

    So sweet... thank you from the tips to the ends of my needles... I'm loving this... if I had time, maybe I could even make a cool looking blog!

    Thanks again. :-*


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