Thursday, November 2, 2006


Okay this is really weird. I am finally able to load my pics! :) I've noticed a pattern which will probably be my new trick if blogger keeps doing this! When I can't post my pics via regular blogger, I go to picasa. I post one pic and a blog there. Then I try to post the rest via regular blogger and it actually works. Go figure. So here are a couple of the houses we saw Halloween night. This one was really cool. They built a facade and did the whole lawn up. They had some cowboys I guess standing around and when they saw the three of us (my sister, myself, and my fiance) they asked what were we dressed up as. My fiance (who was in the front) said something to the effect of he was 'half-beetlejuice' and he had eaten the other half. They told my sister she had a nice costume (herself!) and they told me that too. One of them asked where'd we get such pretty lil costumes and I said, 'From our mother.' :) They thought that was a good response. lol. This house had a haunted house thing going on which we actually went in. I don't particularly like haunted houses cos I tend to go with people who freak out easy which entails me freaking out as well! They tricked us though cos they must've noticed we weren't so freaked out by the stuff they had so they cornered us and had a one person come toward us, another pop out, and the ghost above our heads was trying to behead us! We were just laughing and the people were laughing too. I don't remember where this house was. It was nearby. Now, I did do some knitting. I've been knitting I guess I should say. I don't remember if I said the other day that if I just knitted 3 inches every single day for the next 19 or so days, I'd be done with my besotted. I've been working rather diligently @ it and you can tell that it's growing. I think 3 inches is about all I can stand with it. I can't do anymore (@ least in one sitting) because I start hurting a bit. It was the only thing I had been working on for a couple days until yesterday. I casted on for the dishcloth fun kal for the first part of the month. I don't have any yarn for the monthly dishcloth kal so I'm gonna have to wait on that one and just save the pattern for another time. Oh! I lost my favorite cable needle yesterday. I looked for it in my car (which has all black interior) and I couldn't find it. :( I'm wondering if I left it someplace because we were running around yesterday. I don't think I dropped it but it could've easily slipped and landed in any of the seats I was in. It was a nice magenta color too. I'm going to hold off on getting a new one though. I can just use dpn's or I can even learn to cable w/o the needle.


  1. I would be lost without my fave cable needle! LOL, a few days ago I forgot to bring it on a road trip and I used a toothpick!
    I LOVE the houses! LOL, I laugh in haunted houses, too!
    Thanks for stopping by...the socks are coming up next, after I finish the shawl I'm working on! I'm looking forward to designing/knitting them, too...I think that they will be a fun knit!

  2. I love your pics of spooky houses!
    Funny story about the cowboys.

    Once, when Lil' Arleta was a baby a really old man asked where we got something so cute, and I said we made her with stuff we had just lying around the house. He thought that was really funny. I think I saw it on a show.


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