Friday, November 3, 2006

new gallery up

I spent a greater part of yesterday afternoon into last night working on a new blog which now holds pics of all my finished objects, since I started blogging. Being the perfectionist I am, I had considered taking out my knitting journal and photographing everything I've got in there prior to my setting up a blog and put it up in the gallery but I'm not that much of an overachiever anymore!! It was such a pain to do but I guess I'm glad that now I have a gallery. Now I just need to learn to change the header and create a button for myself. :) With all the time spent on the computer yesterday, I did very little knitting. In fact, I owe myself 6 inches off of that besotted now. Blasted. I guess I should've thought about the possibility of my choosing to not feel like knitting during the next 16 days (that's all it should take to finish it if I actually keep up!!). It doesn't help that I lost my favorite cable needle either. The next row I'm on is a cable row too. That's really why I didn't complete my 3 inches for the day! I've got homework to do. I have to finish reading my chapter and I have work on my floor plan. Yes, I have another project due this Monday and we have to present it. I don't care about the presentation. I actually have my floor plan figured out in my head, sort of. I just have to figure out the number of bathrooms for each classroom. We are to design a floor plan for a school serving 44 children. I can't remember the breakdown but it's infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Oh I just want this class to end already. Does it seem like my feelings about this class have gotten worse? They have. I just want it to end. We have one more midterm, a final, and one more project due plus the extra credit which I actually have to get on the ball with now that I remember! Then it will be over. Will I take part 2? I don't know yet. I'll need to know who's teaching it first!


  1. I've been thinking about an FO blog, too. Lazy me! I need to do one so I can remember what I've already knit.
    Good luck on your homework. That's another skill of mine. Helping with homework.hehe

  2. I love your new gallery. I've left you a comment there but just wanted to say job well done! Especially with blogger being one giant pain in the backside recently!

    The aliens are great!


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