Monday, November 6, 2006

look @ my floor plan!

What in the heck are these you're probably wondering. This first pic is my final rough draft of my floor plan. I took a pic of it to help me figure out placement and sizes of things on the final draft of it. Here's the somewhat final draft of it. I have to create the indoor hallway as well as the outdoor walkway in the courtyard (where those triangles are in the center. It was easier for me to use post-its than to just draw it out. I did start out drawing it all out but being the visual person I am, I needed to see everything contained within it's own shape. I'm going to label everything darker too so that you can see it. I didn't want to use a big posterboard because that would've taken me much longer to reconfigure! I don't know why we have to present them. I guess it's a form of wasting time for my teacher. My sister has to go to work tonight (she works part-time @ Gap) @ 10 (when our classes are over) so I'm going to have to leave early. Darn it. I'm making a habit of this now! We'll get our midterms back from last week and I'll get my budget plan back. I really don't want to see it. I've got my job interview tomorrow in the evening..and I'm behind 6 inches right now on that besotted. I'm going to try to work on it tonight though. I've been talking to AR about needle preference for socks. I've only used size 3's and the smallest size I have are 2's which I may try very soon. I'm itching to try toe-ups! I was telling my fiance that I need dpns in size 0 and 1 and circulars in those sizes. The one good thing I picked up @ Wildfiber in Santa Monica is this handy guide that allows you to check off which needles you already have. I've got it posted up on my wall in front of the computer! Okay, I just took a shot of it so everyone can get a visual. :) All the x's mean I already have those. Obviously I 've nearly got the straight needle dept. covered! I'm not doing too bad on crochet hooks either and I don't crochet! ;) More knitting tomorrow, I hope! I'm still thinking about taking pics of all my previous finished objects before I started blogging so you never know...that might pop up soon on my other blog. Keep a look out for them! :)

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  1. Good job! I bet your budget will be fine.
    That's a neat little needle chart. I should make one to keep in my purse so I don't waste money on needles I already have, and then go without ones I didn't have.


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