Friday, August 25, 2006

2 more works in progress!

You read correctly. I have started 2 more projects-as if that's really a big shock! One is the garterlac dishcloth for my dishcloth fun kal. My yarn finally came in. I am having the absolute worst time with it. I can do the bottom triangles but I think I'm doing the increasing side triangle wrong and you can forget about the square! I tried my hardest to get a good pic of the design in the scarf but with all those crazy colors (my fiance picked out this yarn btw), it was difficult. It is the beginnings of the besotted scarf. When I'm working on it, I can see it pretty well. It's cool how the x's and o's take shape. I have put the IHS on hold for now. I'll finish it eventually though. I'm having a bit more fun with this one...but there's more of a pattern to keep up with here. Oh goodness, I don't have a pic of my triangular shawl that I started. I will post it in another blog so I can have record of my progress.


  1. I'm doing a garterlac in that same color! At first I was doing it wrong, and had to rip it out, but when I finally stopped and reread the directions, and followed just what they said, it turned out great. I like the colors in the scarf, too.

  2. what a coincidence that we're using the same color! :) Ohhh, I can't even tell you how many times I frogged but I finally got it. :) Yes, the colors are nice in the scarf but can you see the x's and o's??


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